Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sometimes why things have to be so confusing?
Things running in my mind, matters have to be solved, stuffs cant be ruin in just coz of a little bits. We have to solve it... But how?
How things gonna be going on our way? Just the way we wanna be...
No matter in what matters....
No matter in Love,
No matter in Studies,
No matter in Working slots,
No matter in Earning money,
No matter in Gaining knowledge,
No matter in Gaining trust,
No matter in Everything.... I MEANT EVERYTHING

Trying to figure out the best solution for all the matters....
Trying to find the best person to deal with the matters....
Trying to learn the lesson from past experience....
Trying to know and learn bout what true friends are....
Trying to understand my own needs, own future, believing and go on with my own route and be true to myself and fight for my own rights.

What meant to be confusing everyone...
Its not that am the only one who's confuse with what they're having and learning....
But i do believe that everyone went through de same route as everyone went through before...
It just depends on how we deal with it and how we think about the probs which make us so CONFUSE...
Even now am confuse with some decisions that I've made, but am trying my best to find out the best solution and what am going to do next.
From my own opinion....
when you're confuse about something or a decision that you've made, better think of the best solution, or even the best answer for ur question. Dont ever let the question and CONFUSE makes you doing or making the wrong decision, as well it does affect your future. Not only yours, but the one besides you who's gettin into the same trouble and confusion.

You mayb proud if you made de decision which you feels that its best for you and everything gonna be alrite. But think of the friends around you whom get hurt by YOU!!! They have the right to gets everything done in the right place too... Think of all the best for everyone... Make use of your thoughts and decisions wisely...

Always remember that we somehow are the "DECISION MAKER"
Make he right choice before anyone get hurts and never let CONFUSE runs your mind

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Whats the main purpose of love existing?
Think about it? Further deep down inside, sumtimes everyone doesn't seems to understand the term of LOVE.
It may be the:
LOVE in between friendship
LOVE between family
LOVE between lovers
LOVE between strangers
LOVE in Christ
LOVE in all.....
Been through sumthin dese days...
How should i deal with it?
Am confusing... Truly...
Sumtimes tink back, how my past ended up... Makes me tink of my wrongs.
But... izit all my wrong? Mayb not
Being in all relationship, AM PART OF A FOOL
Being LOVE by everyone n loving others... Am happy with it.
LOVE is just like a magic. It come easily but ended up in a harsh way. For some, not all most probably.
Rating LOVE, it should be 50/50 for me.
Loving someone is a luck for me. You get to know more friends and even understand them. Thats when LOVE arouse.
Its a beautiful thing, LOVE in many meanings and a lovely term.
When dealing with LOVE, we need to commit ourselve in it. Truly, whole heart with no doubts.
LOVE someone with an open heart.
LOVE someone truly from urself
LOVE someone who loves u and u loves him/her
LOVE someone whom you love but doesn;t love u back
Treasure the LOVE you have before you REGRET
Treasure your LOVE ONES before its too late
Go for the LOVE you want for before you REGRET
Go for the LOVE that is made for you
No matter LOVE of families, friends or lover... as mention above
Appreciate it with a Holy heart.
Everything even goes on smoothly if you do so....
Family ==> They LOVE you for who you are, they LOVE you even more than anyone else. Treasure it.
Friends ==> Friends mayb easy to find. But a true friend who LOVE you truly and treat you well with no harm, willing to be there for you anytime no matter anywhere. These are difficult to look for. Treasure them well if you find one. These are God's angel to you.
Lover ==> Think for your future, as well think deeply in your heart, is he/she the one and only. Don't play, as well if you found one who LOVE you more than him/herself, he/she is the one God send for you whom you can spend your entire future life with them and generate new ones.
Jesus Christ ==> The one and only whos always there for us no matter we're in what situation. Believe in HIM as HE'S THE ONE & ONLY
A recommended song - Juwita Suwito - Part of a Fool

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

List of wishing during holiday

Gosh...am terribly tired ere.
Kinda regret for taking 2 jobs at once. So working everyday. Feels like theres not enough rest at all plus it doesnt seems like a holiday for me.
Holiday should be me going on vacations with family or friends.
Spending times with friends & family.
Go shopping and yum cha.... arrghh....i miss yum cha though

I still cant figure out why i cannot have a proper holiday.
Everytime theres sure sumthin blocking my way to enjoy it.
Now is $$, tatz y so hardworking. Taking up 2jobs. aih!!!
So, in de end no holidays.

If can...What i wana do during my holidays?
1. Sing K till sun rise.... woohoo!!!
2. Makan at jagoya
3. Having unlimited Starbucks(Green Tea Latte/Frap) without charging
4. Shop till broke
5. Watch all movies
6. DIET!!!
7. Go on some vacations
8. Go Singapore SHop shop shop....
9. Spend precious time with my mummy
10. Succeed all the promises with ST
11. More promises with ST
12. K K K K K K
13. theres more...cant tink of any now. Mind is totally blank

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bits to bits...

Been long since i update anythin. Finished my exam and now working....
At where? UMobile company... as well tat i get 2jobs.
One working in de company itself, another as their promoter.
So.... Everyday am working. What to do. Wanna earn extras for my own use.
Arrghhh... Been kinda broke dese days. Spending a lot. But its worth it, i bet... la.... hahaha!!!
Busy working... Gosh... i need a vacation. really need one badly. To release all dose negative sorts of electric in my body. haha!!! Well, a nice vacation with nice people around especially people... ehhherrrmmmm.... Not only that, of course.... Cigarettes + Alcohols... Not much. But a little will do, to release myself mar.

Hmm...sumtimes i think why things have to be so complicated.
Human beings? Being so f**king materialistic.
Human beings? Being so unreachable.
Human beings? Being so so so so much.....
Egoistic? Why should we be like that?
Sumtimes, throw or hide it will be alrite, rite? At least, we should show de true self of ourselves. Doesnt need to be sooooo........ kira kira. Plus, its a good for us not to have this kinda thoughts.
From being not to be so, we gain more friends, and even relationship become closer each day by day.

Money? Does it really matter?
This verse, its true. We cant do anythin without MONEY, as well that HEALTH is important. But still, BOTH are IMPORTANT.
Whats the main point of me saying so?
>>> Here comes the answer, MONEY cant buy any relationship or friendship or even family.
If it really does help and needed MONEY to do so, its not a true friendship for every part.
Try to look at some negative sides, you got $$, they come and reach you. You dont have any $$, they'll just put you aside. Does this count as friends? No, it doesnt count as one. Friends who'll be there for you anytime is really a true friend for you.
No hard feelings K everyone, just an opinion.

RELATIONSHIP??? In every sense, its quite a sensitive topic. Loving a person doesnt mean need to buy expensive meals or stuff. But just a HEART spending with each other, the JOY and HAPPINESS both experience together. No matter there are problems or even some other unhappy situation, at least both get to experience it together. Its a last long ever happening memories that both had together.

Comes to this... Does age really matters? I dont think so. As long as both have the same thoughts, unstoppable communication, heart to heart, right interaction and lots more. This makes a good relationship. Appears in life, wishing for one. Think think think....
So.... age is not really a big issue. As long as both are happy with each other to be in their life. Think and look towards the positive sides.
Be optimistic, as well it helps...To IMPROVE in EVERYTHING.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Come around, Goes around

Doesnt really know whats happening towards me...
Am i changing?? If so... to good or bad??? Confusing me huh!!!
Dont really know what am i thinking... Lotsa stuff happened as well.

Been stuffing myself with those bunch of work loads. Getting retard soon. Lolx.... Am hoping for more from myself. Not just a single piece of s**t happens to interfere my life. But lots happening these days. Dunno what am i really thinking about. Not enough of sleep and panda eyes ord growing... It getting darker... duh!!! I do wanna get myself done with my things and get ready for my finals.

Finals is just around the corner. Am freaking scared now. Hope everything will be fine for me. What made me think of finals? Its started off when am having lunch with Pui Mun, Rachel Ng and Pei Li this afternoon. I was eating there then suddenly we talk about finals, then Pui Mun suddenly said, its one week plus from now. My expression was like..... S**t... OMG!!! I haven even started my revision, as well that I dunno what I really learn in Journalism and Media class, there were no nt much notes and all the time we were chatting with the lecturer and watching movie. haha!!! I really in deep s**t now.... woohoo~~ HELP!!!

Now, free for me to talk about my happy stuffs here. hehe!!! Well, theres been some misunderstandings and things happened as made us feel moody and not happy with it. But... hope there a smile coming back soon. Which make our friendship stays longer.

A Magazine had been created on 20th Oct. Baby "Spin The World" mag. ehehehe!!! Well, I get to take some photo with it. Heres some....

(Baby "Spin The World" mag)

(Me and Baby Mag!! hehe~~)

Well, thats a happy news for a new born baby mag. haha!!! But sad for misunderstandings and beh song.... Forget about that.... Last friday had a great time with my cousie Yue Ran. hehe!!! Get to go out with her. Walk all the way to KTM station... shhhh....Dont tell that to my mom, she thought am following my friends car. haha!!! Went to meet her up then went to Mid Valley to look for her mom's shoe, but failed. Later get to Sg. wang by KTM and Monorial...tired day for us. But in de mean time, we went to get our hand done with "Heena"... haha!!! After all, we had an enjoyable day but tiring. She treat me go sing k, and what a coincidence is that i bump on my ex-coll mates. hehe!!! Really miss them.

(Thats us spending de whole day together)

1st pic: try to differentiate the skin textute, OMG!!! my cousie is so white and mine so dark man. Gosh!!

2nd pic: us in de k box enjoying ourselves...singing our lungs out. haha!!!

3rd pic: me v my heena on. hehhe!!! waiting it to dry out under de hot sun.

4th pic: me singing dere... haha!!! in de mean time camwhoring. *blush*

5th pic: same thing dere... hehe!!! cousie waiting under de hot sun v me...hehe!!!

Well, time passed veri fast and its time to say buh bye... hehe!!! time to go ahead v my studies...Hope everything does on well with everyone. =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One for all

time passed and how i wish things can go on an easier way for me....
lotsa things happened.
one of my assignment kena reject twice, have to redo it again and again...haih!!! but luckily now i had my marks ord. hehe!!!

I stil having tough time with my mom...arghhh... quarreling around. OMG!!! save me. how i wish our relation could be better den now and be like how my bro chat v her with no quarrels but full of laughters.

Relationship??? nah, am not in one right now. hehe!!! but chatting with him is quite happy and we do enjoy chatting with each other. laughing around, showing each other stupid face, joking around. hahaahha!!! damn, i reali do enjoy man. hehe!!! but he's far from me. hmmm.... but he's comin down kl soon. arrghhh.... cant wait for it. hehe!!! well, sumtimes i do wish for more. hehe!!! but am not sure of everything. izit appropriate to do so? what he's telling is de truth izit? does he feel de same as how i does? hmm.... i doubt a lot. I HOPE THINGS WHICH ARE HAPPENING IS REAL AND CAN BCOME REALITY, BUT NOT JZ A DREAM OR GLANCE.

i noe that things change a lot in me and i wish more to be change, but to a better person, but to worst. do better in my exam and STOP doing last minute work. arrghhh... dese days i reali don feel like doin my assignment till my due dates are near. SHIT!!!

I still miss my friends. really wish to meet dem everyday. hehe!!! days that we spent together is just not enough at all. miss miss miss.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friends for all

Initially am freaking tired rite now.... But still am bored and doesnt feel lik sleeping. I dunno why people will get freak out after reading my msn display name. Does that really influence or pays an impact on you??? Am not too sure, but overall, am to myself and I really dont feel lik caring anymore. As well that i'll just pretend what you said before are just bullshits and it's being sway away... shoohhhh soohhhh......
These days am just busy with my assignments. In my mind all are DUE DATES.... arrghh... WTF!!! But stil, i really want to finish it up as am scared of the due dates. But no form la... no mood to do...den extend. but now better. ahhahaha!!! The worst thing that happen is that I got an assignment which has been rejected for the 3rd time. I've to redo redo redo... damn...am bored of it. But stil have to redo it and guai guai hand it up.

During the Raya holiday for one week... hmmpp... ada keluar lo. Went fo gathering with TARC coll mates then secondary mates. There should... eh eh...there is a primary gathering too...but didn attend. was not free tat day. Well, its been blessing days for me as i get to meet all my mates just in a week time. OMG!! i miss them so freaking much. At last. Enjoy very much and heres some pics to show... i looks very stupid. haha!!!

(this the pic showing all of us, although i duno some of dem, but at least can c de ones i noe. hehe!!! happy birthday my dear DORIS)

(Inilah dipanggil "empat bunga", but actualli its LIMA, left Soo out coz dia MIA. haha!!!)

(this pic shows me and lembuku... haha!!! its Julius Moo.... haha!!! a friend of 3 years)

(I look freaking retarted here. hhaha!!! looks so stupid. coz we;ve nth better to do and its been long since we had so much fun together)

ok...now secondary mates punya sudah habis... haha!!! Dorisku... Happy birthday ya. May all ur wishes come true and its reali a bless for me to have ya;ll around. mwwaahhss....
Now... time for TARC mates... not much pic...but stil had fun. hehe!!!]

(thats de girls of de nite but left out 2 more whos sitting opposite of us. haha!! from left: nicole, charleen, me(rachel), vicky and wai ting)

(this de another 2 girls i mentioned. haha!!! from left: apple and hendy)

(am with one of the birthday boy... Loong gor... haha!!! Hes a funny guy and holding de pressie from us.)

(tatz me and Johnson... another birthday boy. haha!!! he looks gd in tight shirts and got muscles ord. haha!!!!)

(last pic of all, as what girls lik to do in toilet, camwhoring... haha!! leen vicky and me.)

tatz all for today's blog and hope ya'll enjoy looking at all dese pics. haha!! btw, i miss everyone again and miss de days we had. plus plus... CG, i'll be back.. i hope i get de gd news too. =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Satisfy? Yes? No?

Things are changing all in a while and i think i should appreciate for those who supported me and those who reali nodded their head with me and suggested me with new things and remind me of old ones....

Well, first... Church???? yea, i reali wanna go back and join my cell group as well to motivate myself. Somtimes its realli hard to go as my parents doesnt realli like me going to church ord. I definately dunno wats wrong. At first they doesnt have a bit of worries of me going to church, and they like the changes i have towards myself. But suddenly when finals come during 3rd sem, i stop going to church as mom says i should pay attention towards my finals. After finals, i wanna go back but mom and dad doesnt like it ord. I dunno what had happened. Even they call me go to temple more. arrghhh.... am realli frustrated. I wish to go on to church, but scared hurting their feelings as their my parents. hmmm....

Raya + Study week holiday is here and its ord de 4th day... Time passed so fast and i wish for longer holidays. Holidays seems not enough for me at all. But at least get to meet up with my old school and college mates. ohhhh... i miss them so freaking much. Had enjoyable time with them although time used to spend with them arent enough at all. But am satisfied for meeting them up. Hoping more gathering coming up although its aint going for expensive dinner or shopping. Go for sports also not bad. haha!!! Wish to have this with my cell group too... =(

Arrghhh..... I NEED MORE SPORTS @ EXERCISE!!!! weight increase again. SHIT!!! haha!!! but i admit tat i reali ate alot during this holiday. oh my....
Other than this problem... my lazy worms are coming back again... they;re just around me. PLEASE.... GO AWAY. I need to be hardworking. Theres tons of assignments waiting for me and due date is near. aih..... Lai Lai Lai... come bek. hehe!!!

Losing friends is one main prolem am facing and hate soooo.... much. From a relationship we're changing to besties, then change again to normal friends, then now duno wat... seems like u're trying to get away from me. I still rmb wat u told me. We;re still best friends no matter wad. and i believe that one day you and i will understand whats happening around. Dear E, be tough no matter what and i dont ever wish to lose a friend like you. As you mention before. we're stil best friends. and it will just remain as friends, i do promise this. Coz i've learnt one thing after u're gone, we shouldnt eat "Back head grass". Friendship ever. No hard feelings and worries. =)

My dearie Secondary mates, its a funny thing i heard from ZH. haha!!! She said i got BF. OMG>!!! No no no... i dont have ler... Just am waiting for my prince charm. haha!!! When i have for sure i'll inform ya'll. no worries for this K. No matter wad, i'll have lotsa stories waiting to share with ya'll. waiting waiting and stilll.... waiting. Waiting for Saturday to arrive so that i can share it out. Am realli happy for todays outing, its been reali fun. Shouting and laughing around... woohhh.... I miss lots. muahhshs....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Miss of Things

Suddenly felt like blogging... Just went through some of others blogs. Its been long since i go through their blog and now i found new story, adventures, places to hang around, stuffs and more...

Now i reali feels that i'm so lost. reali very very lost. Its been long since i blog, its been long since i keep in touch with some of them, its been long since i didn go to CHURCH!!!! this de main point. My eyes keeps on flashing as i read through their blog and found there were reali a lot of stuff happening around. Feels like am running out from here and am so outdated. I miss the good old days that i use to have. Hanging around with my coll mates, secondary mates, church friends.... and more. Missing the time and golden days. Stil remember the time i use to attend church and cell group, after de day, i will straight upload my blog with whats happening around. OMG!!! miss!!!

Well, for one thing am sure its realli changing. FRIENDSHIP. As well that i felt everything is changing around me and people whom i'm close with is getting further, relationship between us is changing. I reali hope and wish it won't be tasteless. Am now in 4th sem, and taking different subject, and de time clashes with de break time with others, am all alone everytime. i reali miss de good old time that we hang around at places although its alwiz de same place, but who cares. but now??? am owiz in de reading room all alone. I felt the changes within myself too... Am changing to a person whos more quiet and seldom laugh, i miss de good old me, where did she go? I realli duno why is this happening towards me. Maybe coz i seldom talk and laugh, this makes me havin less communication with others. arrgghhhh........ i hate this.

I miss my old personality but likes how i handle my problems and thoughts....
I miss the good old days we used to hang out and hate that am all alone....
I miss the times that i used to have and hate the packed time that i'm having....
I miss all my mates and wish to hang out with them everyday....
I miss all my mates but i'm reali sorry for not contacting ya'll all the time....
I miss the initiative that i had last sem and wish that the liveliness will come bek again dis sem....

and here i wish everyone will forgive me if i did anythin wrong and wish i can gain back more friends as how i do last time, wish i can be the happy go lucky girl back....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday

Friday celebrated Kelvin's birthday. muahahaha!!!
He's supposed to come and pick me up. However ended up calling me few times but didn pick up. My bro was yelling at me calling me to pick up my call coz i left it in de living room and i was in my room preparing to meet the "King of the Night"... woohoo!!! seems big huh!!! ahhaha!!

Well, i cant give him any surprise coz i dont have any transport that can bring me to de cafe. Instead of surprise, i gave him "instant surprise"... Told him that i've bought cake all over from subang by KTM. He said this de 1st time ate a cake which sit a train all the way to CHeras. Wiiii.... proud of myself. This de 1st time celebrated for him and its his 21st.

Not much surprise but had some conversation which i learn a lot from him. Then talk about our past and days we use to spend together. haha!!! such a blast day for me. again again... i enjoy so much and really looking forward for de next outing.

(Happy birthday hun... Muahhsss...)

( This me and the "King of the Night)

Felt bad

Its been quite sometime i didn't post any blog ord...
coz of my busyness schedule??? haha!!! just coz of my assignments and now they're stil more. Just felt that de assignments cant be finished.

Alright... its been 2 weeks i didn't go for cellgroup. Felt bad.
1st time is coz of gatherining with my Tarc mates. 2nd time is coz of having dinner with relatives. aih aih!!! Plus today not going to church. Felt very very bad. arghhhggg.....!!!And now am here blogging coz cant sleep back after woke up.
Owwhh...!!! i sprain my ankle. Stupid me. Pain Pain... Now i should be singing songs to let de pain go away. haha!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Janice-My Eyes Don't Lie

If rose is green and grass is red,
will you remember what I say?
Baby, don't forget before you regret
stuck in my mind.
A needle through my head,
the light you shine into the night
you take away my fright
and for everytime I see you I try
what i try to say is stay with me tonight
for what i really feel inside
my eyes won't let me hide
everytime i see you, they start to cry
cause this time, my love, it could mean goodbye
don't say goodnight
Eyes will never hide feelings from "U". Except they aren't true to "U". Frights you took away, regrets "U"made, goodnight "U" said, goodbye "U" meant are words that least felt.
p/s -> enjoy the song everyone. appreciate whos beside "U"

Landy 温岚-傻瓜 Sha Gua (Fool)

qi shi ta zuo de huai shi wo men dou dong
We all know what bad things he has done
mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference
眼光闪烁 暧昧流动
yan guang shan shuo ai mei liu dong
Roaming eyes and ambiguous relationships
bi shang yan dang zuo ting shuo
I close my eyes and pretend they're just hearsay
qi shi bie ren de zhao shu wo men dou dong
We know too well the tricks of others
mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference
故作软弱 撒娇害羞
gu zuo ruan ruo sa jiao hai xiu
Pretend to be weak and shy
zhi shi you yi dian bie niu
It's only a little unnatural
sha gua ye xu dan chun de dong
Fools are perhaps innocent
ai de mei na me zuo zuo
Their love is not so pretentious
ai shang le wo bu bao liu
When I have fallen in love, I won't hold back
傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same
bei ai qing shang le you shang
Hurt by love time after time
xiang xin zhe ge ta bu yi yang
Believing that this one will be different
que you zai yi ci shou shang
And yet we get hurt once again
傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same
shou le shang que bu tou xiang
Hurt by love and yet never gave up
xiang xin fu chu hui you dai jia
Believing there will be a reward for our giving
dai jia zhi shi yi ju sha gua
And all it is, to be called a Fool

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok.... Let me start up with a sentence... I'm getting thinner and thinner... *opps...* wrong ord. Its fatter and fatter. haha!!! Morning and afternoon can tahan dont wan eat, but when night arouse, i tend to get addicted to what mom cooks and food at home. So... this makes me getting fatter and fatter. Btw, one more thing making me so too... Its the goreng wantan sold at my college cafeteria. OMG!!! You can see them keep on refilling the wantan. Everytime i go to de cafeteria, i cant resist it, topping of the chilli... yummy *slurppp* ehehe!!!

Now... Lets stop this. I need to DIET. Thats a must ord... haha!!!
Diet Diet Diet... aaaaaa.... I can do it. I know... hehe!!!
I diet, i can save up my money too. For future use... For the ASIA CONFERENCE... yeahhhh!!!

Now... I'm happy with my assignment due dates as both my assignments for the animation flash and journal has been postponed to next week. As this is a good news for me, coz tomoro i need to pass up ord if my lecturer didnt postponed it.

Studies??? Still can cope with it. As today had my psychology Pop Quiz, didnt reali do well on it as all of us studied last minute and i lost 9 marks out of 20. Hope others that i did is correct. hehe!!! Well, everything for me is ok, cant say 100% good, but at least still good for me.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everything getting better

At first i woke up in the early morning wanting to attend church. But its raining heavily, so i was thinking how can i attend church. Looking out of the window and the rain is pouring cats and dogs. So... I said to myself, why don't o take my bath 1st then only see how everything goes as i don't wana wake my mom up. Luckily its not very heavy, then i walk to esso station to wait for the van to church. And you know what, i knew some new friends. As i know Robin before but didn't talk much, but today ended up chat with him during my way back home. And i knew one more friend name Josephine, shes from Indonasia and i had a great talk with her. Get her number and said will call her up for some drinks. haha!!!
Today attend Church for Paster Kevin's Relationship series... Not bad.
This de 3rd chap for RELATIONSHIP SERIES... Love it!!! I miss the 2nd chap, waiting for church to upload it so that i can listen to it. hehe!!! Attending church is one of my favorite now... haha!!! Wanting to learn more about GOD.

Today Yen brought her sister along to church and Li Pei too... Am proud of them for attending church and happy for them too for making the first step and courage to learn more about GOD. Proud of Yvonne too as shes the one who brought Yen to church. hehe!!! Proud of you babe. Learn something new too... As Emerge is around the corner, while waiting for van, Yvonne explain to me every details whats Emerge about and why izit seperated into 4 groups. As i felt its soooooo cool. haha!!! Looking forward for EMERGE!!!!

Another great news... Actually theres 2...
First, my relationship with my family is getting better and better... This what i'm happy about. As last time i use to have different thoughts from them and hav lots of arguments and misunderstoods. But now i do uderstand why they do so and whats their purpose... Happy for myself. hehe!!! *winks*

Second, today i asked Yvonne about the Singapore trip. Not really a Singapore trip, its an Asia Conference held at Singapore. Yvonne explain to me and i feel the urge of going. I told my about it while i'm having dinner with my family. I told mom everything i know... mom didn't reject or say anythin that offend me. She asked me some questions and smile... I think thats a YES for her??? haha!!! Hope so... but i hope everything will go on well when its near. And now i must save up some money for the trip so that i can use my own pocket money to go there. hehe!!!

Btw, i havent take my undang test yet. arghhh... Hoping that i can have it this thursday and i can spend my time studying on my undang. Plus... ASSIGNMENTS... its building up more and more each day and now i have around 5 assignments to due with. Theres more coming... But i hope i can finish on time and whatever lecturer taught me i can remember it and not panic while dealing with MACROMEDIA FLASH... As now i'm having problems to make those animation. Ohhh.... Save me...

Well, i just hope everything will go on well for me... No walls blocking my way and relationship with family will go better day by day. Wanting them to stay healthy and live happy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Learn, Pack & Misses

eiikkk.... i'm back.haha!!!! Didnt blog for a few days ord. haha!!!

First and foremost... Thursday i had my Research Communication exam. Enter class late coz overslept. haha!!! but luckily lecturer haven start the exam yet. Well, i would say what i studied reallu pay off. Enter class, then lecturer pass on papers and exam sheet to us. As i took the paper, i was so happy... yippii... wrote down everything i remember. At first i was stuck, but i go on with what i remember, do whatever i know. Writing non-stop there till times up also haven finish. This means that i doesnt have enough time to finish everything up. Last time i use to think mid term not important at all and doesnt put much effort on it. Now??? not anymore. everything is important to me and dare not miss any class. And i can learn from mistakes. haha!!! so that during finals i wont do the same mistakes.

Finish with exam...
The second would like to talk about is.... KTM...
Wednesday i took KTM to college and back too. The train was so so so so.... PACK...
As i just read from newspaper ... food price rising soon... Everything also so expensive. Now i think i've to take KTM to college and back everyday ord. Coz mom said petrol too expensive ord. Will be very tiring on the coming days. haih!!! On wednesday night... mom said we cannot waste money ord. When buy something must think carefully whether we need it not, fan, lights or whatever that we not using must switch off. Saturday and Sunday eat at home... Dad says he's gonna cook. wow!!! seems like increasing the petrol price is very effective for my parents as what also need to jimat. aihhh!!!!
Since kena jimat... So... DIET sajalah... ahahaha!!! but i'm craving for more food nowadays. Yesterday just ate a packet of Mr.Potato while watching THE NOTEBOOK. hehe!!! nice movie. Loving it. Back back... DIET ar..... wahca..... MUST

By the way... i miss SHOPPING!!!!
Long time didn go shopping ord. But i myself also busy with my assignments. Theres 5 assignments waiting for me to finish them up. Oh my... pray pray pray that i can finish everything on time... hehe!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exhausted then Energetic

I should be studying right now as i'm havin one of my mid-term paper tomoro. arrghhh... Its Research communication. fuh!!! neway, i know i can do it well... have faith in myself.

Petrol price is increasing tomoro. When i woke up from my nap just now, as i was so exhausted, mom was cooking, suddenly she call me go open the door to go out to fill in the petrol. Today pasar malam, very jam ord. Tambah all the drivers were queuing up, lagi jam ord. Should have take along my phone to take a picture and let all of ya'll see. Its like having sales.... haha!!! Then when its our turn to fill in, the papers were finished for the purpose of printing the receipts. See... how effective it is when government wants to increase the petrol price. As i know.... august the petrol price will be increase again. arrghhh... Mom said it will be very costly if she send me to and back from college. So... mom decided that i should take ktm to coll and back. Not only the government is effective, even my mom is fast in thoughts. I bet it'll be tiring for me, but what to do, need to study. haih!!! Thats the only choice except if i get my license.

Yesterday went to church, well Paster Robb Thompson came to gave a talk. Its good... Although he looks serious, i mean his facial expression, but into my surprise, he jokes a lot too.
Yesterday when mom pick me up from esso station, as i go and back home from church by church van, so mom came to fetch me. Mom said that dad talks bout me. He's curious why i suddenly go to church so often. Then told mom that it must be want to "gup zai" tatz why i go so often. haha!!! Then i told mom... apa la...where got. Go to church coz i felt i want to go and want to learn more. As now i go to church quite often, i felt that going to church doesnt waste my time anymore. I wish that i can have my own transport to travel to church and cell group whenever i want to. No need ma fan follow the van and my fren to fetch me around. fuhh!!! But i'll just pray more so that it will succeed one day. hehe!!!

Going to church more often and attend the services makes me feel refresh although i just adapt to this kind of lifestyle. Last time i also use to attend church near my house, but everytime, i just feel lazy to go. But now... not anymore. i feel very energetic and listening to paster's sermons... i feel that i've learn a lot and wanting to learn more and more. Hope that everything will go on well.

I should keep on with my revision now... Pray that i'll remember everything when i face the paper tomoro. haha!!! God Bless.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Let me start my story...hehe!!!
What happen today was i woke up late. Actuali i woke up on time, but slept back after i switch on de heater. Sleep till around 8.45am only wake up as my class is at 9am. I quickly go to take a quick shower then call my bro wake up. He said, its late, no need go to class ord. what the... Hey, ah gor a... Dont teach me bad stuff le... hehe!!! Reach college ord 9.40am like that. Luckily the lecturer didnt scold me. haha!!! This semester was my first time late to class. OMG!!! Imagine how good i was, last semester always late for classes. haha!!!

Now... heres a good news. Cant say 100% a good news, but at least its a good news for me. Today, when i came back home from college, mom told me that someone called dad to accept christ. The story is like tat... One day, my uncle had lunch with his teacher, then they had a chat and uncle told his teacher about my dad's previous condition when he was battling with the sickness as my dad was warded into ICU after one week in de normal wards. At last now dad is alright but still his kidney is not that good. Still doesnt really function very well as dad still need to go for body check up once 3 months. Now dad have to eat less as he cant eat too much coz scared calories high, and others. Well, at last dad is still here with us and luckily hes recovering but just need time and his own courage and ways of lifestyle. .
Ok!!! Back to de topic. Mom called my uncle and told him about it and everyone was shock to hear tat. Even me at 1st, but am very happy and hope dad will do so as he has bad perception towards "Christians". I duno de main reason of it. Just know bout de back story of it. But i just hope God will touch my dad's heart and let him know and step ahead to church and accept christ. Hope evrything will go on well... Miracles will come true. I believe it...

The 2nd news is also happened today...
Reach home from college then sleep on de sofa and had a chat with mom. I told her about Yvonne's grandpa situation and how her grandpa accepted christ. And now that her grandpa is in good condition and everything is going on well with her grandpa and started to learn how to walk ord as i heard it from Yvonne during cell group meeting today.
I told mom about it then mom answered me "Yea, miracles will happen le ma, correct or not"? Well, as this is my 1st time hearing mom saying like that, really shocked. Then mom say, ya la ya la, i understand what you saying. Mom also called me to go to church more often and she'll try to confront dad and say more good things about me going to church. hehe!!! Good news for me. God did answer my prayer. Thank you. But still la...although i wish to attend church more often, i still have to undertstand my dad's feelings and be a good girl...Just have to pray more. hehe!!!

hmm... tatz all from me. Sayonara.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Missing YOU

Its been more than half a year. Everything changed, you changed a lot. Looking back at all de photos tat we took, it makes me misses you more. At first its a hard time for me to forget you and leave you as deres no words from you after de last day i saw you and de last phone call from you. All i heard de news of yours is through your friends and your parents. The last phone call is when before you go back to your hometown, telling me tat you'll contact me when you come back to KL. In the end, although you came to KL deres still no calls or sms from you. It makes me felt so bad and acting nothin is happening, pretending to be happy in a way tat i'm not happy at all. A hard time tat i've gone through. Day by day, wishing you and waiting for your calls, but still no phone calls came through till now. At last, i'll just have to take it, have to accept everything is true and theres no turning back anymore. A deep heart is being hurt... and told myself to stand strong no matter wat.

After a few months, still no sign of you. But news from your parents who always make de courage to call me and this makes me feel so touch. Whenever your dad called me, he'll make sure i'm alright and tell me to take care as my route is still long and they're still a bright space waiting for me to fill it with colors. Always make sure that i know your updated news and wats happening aound you.

As always hearing tat you'll be going to Dubai to work, but wanting to know when you going, i try my best to check when you going.

Finally, after checking when you going but still i duno when. The day you went to Dubai, your dad called me and told me you were off to Dubai ord and just reach Jakarta waiting for de next flight to transfer to Dubai. After one or two weeks, your dad called me again. Asking me how am i, and told me bout your news. Told me tat you lost ur lugage, but luckly met a few person dere whos gd and friendly tat bring you to buy some stuff tat you need while waiting for your lugage to be found. This makes me worry at first. Now you're dere. Hope you're happy with your work dere and God bless you my dear.

What makes me suddenly think bout you and wants to write bout you???

It coz of i went through de pics we took together. And de pics tat you posted in friendster, saw some of de pics were de one i took for you b4 and i also saw de 2nd pic tat you send to me through mms. Still remember, trying my best to to slot out some time for you. de hard times tat i had and times tat you comfort me and lectured me. Moments tat we use to spend time at some places tat we went for so many time. Times we took bus, lrt, putra, ktm, taxi together. Although we have no cars, but we still do spend great times together. Times tat we argue and we talk to each other back. Time you and me spend with each other family and friends. Still remembering de 1st time you met my mom and bro, you were so shy tat you dare not hold my hand in front of my mom till i said its ok to do so. remembered de 1st time you came to my house, having dinner at my home cook by my mom. going pasar malam helping my mom carry all de fruits along walk back to my home. Time you were playing with my babies... my baby dogs. Time we use to hold hand and you gave me hugs and kisses and it warm up my heart whenever you does it. The 1st time you cooked for me. stil rmb, just cooking a packet of indomee, but you put so many ingredients in it. Drinks tat you made for me were so SWEET... Love it.

But now all dose were memories for me... I will keep it in my heart forever. Hope everything with you wil be alright and goes well. My dear J, words tat you gave me and supports from you will always be de courage for me to do something tat i dare not to and time when i'm down. Thanks for de sweet memories you gave me. Although no couples for us to be, but hope deres still FRIENDS for us to be. Best wishes to you my dear J. Heart to heart, its very warm. LOVE

Sunday, May 25, 2008


What makes me wana blog today??? and this early.
This morning i woke up kinda late and was rushing to Esso station since i nid to meet up Leslie and other church members church. When i reach dere, theres juz Leslie and his friend, others was late and there arent many who came. Just a few of us.

Today its bout "Relationship".
Pastor Kevin is de one whos talking. And all along de talk, Pastor was joking around. It was so fun that everyone were laughing dere. Well, again i dont have any pictures or videos to show. I hope i can show out some pictures of church. Did i mention Pastor Kevin just came back from overseas??? Ok, nope. i didnt. Pastor just came back from Korea and Indonasia. He went dere to preach and attended other church. He showed us some pictures and now only i know tat de largest church is in Korea. It fits around 775,000 people per week, if i'm not mistaken. The church was a held in a stadium and its really fill with people around. With their own themes, colors of clothes tat were set. It was really awesome.

Back to today's talk. It was fun as Pastor was talking bout "Husband and Wives" as how they should commit themselves towards each other. This de 1st time i know bout it and it enhance my knowledge.

One more thing, a good news.
Yvonne told me tat yesterday she brought along our classmates to church. She brought along Yen, Joanne and others. They did enjoy although they doesnt understand some of the stuff tat were going around. Other than yesterday, she also brought along one more friend to church today. Its Katie's friend. Good job Yvonne. I hope one day i can bring along some of my friends too, and dey'll enjoy de sermons.

During alter call today, its seperated into 3 parts. and i'm part of it. Pastor call out for those who raise their hands. As i raise mine. I duno why, whenever i think of my parents, tears slowly falls as i feel like raising up my hand and get prayed by others. I duno why i will cry, but mayb coz of tinkin of my parents and de hard times tat i'm going through, but i know... one day i will stop crying and move on with a bright smile. Sumtimes i felt tat i'm having a hard time dealing with my own life. As i know tat my dad doesnt reali like me to attend church. But i do hope, one day dey'll accept me as their child who accepted Christ, not only this, naturally i hope dey'll follow me to attend church and have a great time there. Hope tat dey can have a close relationship with GOD and experience de place tat i'm attending, which is "The House of God". But i know tat this will take time, i believe in miracles and it will happen.

Other than family, well, deres stil one more thing which goes on with my relationship. Which is our partners in life. Of coz, i'm not in a relationship right now.... But i did get hurt b4. As it was half a year ago, but stil i cant forget bout it. Everytime sumthin happens, i'll tink of him and de times and places we went and gone through together b4. It can be said as de best relationship i've in as i've not been pamper as how he pampered me. It can be said tat its a bless for me to meet him. Sadly, it ended up break up. Everytime i tink of him, i'll tink of de problems we gone through. Did i did anythin tat makes him wana break up? or izit my attitude? Lots of questions. Its hurt and sad to leave him, as he didn make de move to say anythin tat prove tat we ord break up. He didn mention wana break up, but just choosing a way of not calling me, replying my messages. I'll prefer he'll confront me and talk bout de problems. But everythin is over, i hope miracles will happen.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stories of all

For long i didnt post anythin.hehe!!!all coz of modem sudah rosak.but at last, bro went to buy a wireless one.now rumah sudah ada WIFI. wiiiiii..... and soon, i'll be getting my bro's labtop since he ord bought a new comp. but de labtop sudah cacat ler...screen ada sikit rosak, den quite dirty coz bro din clean it. it's now fill with dust. haha!!! poor baby labtop. nvm... change new owner ord, u'll be clean everyday.

Ok...nothin much happen dese days. except i've been sick and haven heal. and this has been going on for a week. OMG!!! when can i heal??? mummy went to Yogogarta ord...(if i din spell it wrongly.hehe!!!)its located at Jakarta. First time mummy went for a vacation with her friends since we were born in this earth. i mean de 3 children which brights her life and make her feel tired of us coz we are naughty.hehe!!! she went for 3 days 2 nites and will be back today nite time. dunno ada buy sumthin for me not.ehehe!!!eager to know le... coz mummy said there's a lot of shopping complex. so...its mostly for them to shop dere.

While mom was not in, I've to do all de housechores as i know my bros will be lazy for tat except if i open my mouth and starting mumbling like mom. hehe!!! Yesterday nite...went to had dinner with my cell group members... yesterday everyone was there. Well, its fun. Went to Sakae at sunway piramid to have dinner with them. Its my first time dere, well, its nice. i ate de "Beef Udon". wow...it was so delicious tat i almost drink finish de soup. but too hot ord, coz i was sweating dere, so left some of de soup. Others ate a lot too and it looks nice too. next time muz go dere and eat again. hehe!!! After dinner we had a chat dere, around 10sumthin balik rumah. we din take any pics, so cant post here. aih!!! next time find a chance to take some pics with them.hehe!!!!

Kar Wai send me back home... He send Ai Ling back first then oni me. He went to petrol station, den ask his bro and sis wana buy anythin not. Well, both them said "ROCKY". haha!!!! Now oni i know there're so many ROCKY lovers except my bro. He asked me whether i wan it now... aiks...nope, saya tak mau. coz tak berapa suka. At last, he came back with a pack of M&M. Aiya...
P/S---Kar Wai, next time no nid to buy ler...hehe!!!coz i seldom eat chocolates and sweet stuff.neway, thx for de M&M. paiseh le... ahahhaah!!!
Then on de way back, suddenly i asked him where he mostly club. He's kinda surprise i tink, and ask me why i suddenly ask like tat. then i said i read his blog... He started to be so interesting in it, asking me hows his blog and any comment on it. Well, Kar Wai's blog is not bad. Can said as "awesome". Is this de word to be use??? haha!!! Yea, it is. Although he writes de blog bout himself, but he manage to use a lots of words to elaborate it and use some kinda words tat brings out de meaning of it. A good blog to be read. Let me introduce this meaningful and awesome blog.... www.karwaichoong.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bored & Moody

Boring man.... *squiks*
Its been a tired day for me though deres oni one class today. Wake my bro up, and wait long for him as i was really rushing coz am gonna be late. arghhh!!!! Tell him late ord still can have his breakfast in front of me. Taking his own sweet time. $#%#$@#$% Am now attending class will full of concentration as i want to studyy well. Trying to do my best and aiming for "A" and "B"'s *cheers*

Went back home, mom was nagging dere. Dunno wat happen, mom suddenly mumbling here and dere. Wana help her with the house chores, but she say NO NEED. Aiya...hurt la mummy.haha!! mau tolong tapi tak bagi... Then sit in front of de comp for long... nothin to do. Wana have a nap but no mood, so just get to books... starting with my notes. Eldest bro came back from Melaka. But nothin oso, aih aih!!! Thought tomoro can get to shop v mom and bros, but mom cakap she go cuci hair oni. Call me stay at home study. OMG!!! I'm not any superwoman man...i need to grab some rest and relax myself. Plus...its been long i didn shop with mom alone.

Wishing here for a pair of wings, fly fly fly...
I'm really dead bored staying at home. I WANA GO OUT... HELP!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Outing thats FUN

woops... hot hot!! haha!!!
Its been really a hot weather... argghh...!!!
though yesterday rain for a while when i'm in class... but still... after stop raining and i step out of de class... can feel de sweat flowing...

Yesterday... was de 1st outing with my cell group members. Not all of them came. Just me, Yvonne and Laverne. aiks... Kar wai and Kah heng sick ord... Pray hard for them to recover faster. Wai sin having exam, pray for her to do well. Angela and Chris went back hometown haven come back, pray for them to have a safe journey. Harry was busy.

How was yesterday outing??? Well, it was fun. Some other cell group members join us. Laverne and Jin chong came to pick me up. I was so scared they'll lost. Coz some of my friends said before dunno how to come. haha!!! and my directions are bad. Improving now... hehe!!! Reach Mid valley, we were the first to reach then follow by the others. After everyone reach, we were making decisions where to have our dinner. At last, Madam kwan is the place. erm... everytime my mom and bro say wana go there, i say NO. Coz i don't really like to eat nasi lemak. Of coz, dere's still choices. Ate spagethi. *yummy* I love spagethi. After dinner, we went for bowling. lolx... it was fun. and it was "ladies nite" all ladies get cheaper price per game. It cost rm7 per game include de shoes. While playing, every cheers for each other. There were around 12 of us playing if not mistaken. And only one lane is available coz its full. *no choice* It was my first time playing bowling with so many ppl. haha!!! and everyone is cheering. one word, FUN. We used more den one hour to finish up de game. And mostly all of us were tired. Yvoone and me were yawning dere... too tired ord. After game all went back home. Again Laverne and Jin choong fetch me back. *sori ya, mafan ya'll* hehe!!!!

Well, sometimes...there are frenz around us. Although they didnt really treat you as besties. But still i appreciate the existance of ya'll around me. Love ya'll much. Friends can be true, can be fake. but still its all about the heart that you take out to face them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Specially for YOU

Ok... This is a blog specially for a fren, a sister in christ and one who helps a lot.
Its for you my dear sister.
Well, in some previous blog i did mention about you. You brought me to CHC and made me have de courage to accept Christ again. I use to tink tat it isnt any big thing for me. But for now, it is.

You've read my blog tat day, and you were bless by my words. Actually de one whos blessed is me by YOU. My dear, after you read my blog tat day you wrote a blog in yours. The next day i woke up and finish with the house chores, i decided to view your blog. I was so touch by ur words. While reading your blog, tears drop from every words and every second i read through your blog. And i'm happy that i'm first one who raise up my hand whom you invited to CHC. I know one day more and more friends that you invite will come and join us and meet us in heaven.

My dear, you're the sister whom brought a new life to me, who made me once again feel the PRESENCE OF GOD. Once again, i really thank you for your invitation on that day which brings LIGHTS and BRIGHT up my life...

As same as your words, see you in the finish line, meet you in heaven. AMEN
God bless you.

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mother Day. Happy Mothers Day to every mother... especially to my mom.
I've ord plan to ask mom to join me to church bcoz today church will be celebrating Mother's Day. I've asked her a lot of time since last week, but stil she reject my invitation. *hurts...* Seeing happy mothers entering church and receiving gifts (the gifts were apron and it was not enuf bcoz theres alot of mummy) with plenty of smiles, and leaving church with lots of cheers plus getting lots of prayers and blessing from others. This makes me feel tat, how i wish my mom was one of them, but nvm bcoz i know tat one day my mom will follow me to church and bless by others and GOD.

Paster Vincent came to our church to have a talk. His talk is not bad. It made us laugh and taught us something through his talks. It taught tat we should embrace ourselves, love ourselves and more... After de talk, Paster Vincent wana pray for those who are having exams or going to sit for their exams, having tough time with their assignments, and having tough or problems in their relation. Well, actually i plan to go out as i had little problems in de relation with my family. Not reali like having arguements or anything. It just that i hope my parents will understand me more and knowing i will do my best for them and myself. I know that i have to prove to them 1st, and i have faith in myself that i can do it.

Well, exactly its Mothers Day today. My family and i celebrated it yesterday. Though i didn buy mom anythin, but by helping her doing house chores will make her happy i tink. hehe!!! But i hope tat i can do more for her. Other than tat, just now went to have a dinner in restaurant, it was so pack that there arent any sits for us so we have to choose another restaurant.

Mummy, Happy Mothers Day and hope you'll be happy to have us around you. Love you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Light up My Life

today??? reach coll den go class... was rushing man. coz ord late. haha!!!
reach coll oso earli lar... now i have to be in class on time so tat i wont miss anythin. to study hard ma. wat to do.

den last nite b4 i slep, i pack my stuff which i bought den look at my timetable... i was like... oh shit... time clash lar... why now oni know??? haha!!! reali numb.
so today i wana change sub but HOP (head of program) is on MC. aiks...
dis is de 1st week and no fees charges for any changes, but 2nd week got le. sei lo dis time. duno how tim. but hope HOP will help me... pls.

To de main point.
i just came back from cell group meeting.
its a Laverne house. her house was so cool. de time i went in i felt so cool and comfortable.
when everyone has arrive, everyone introduce themselves as this is my 1st time.
Then, we played a game which is conducted by Yvonne. It was funny. haha!!!
everyone has to tink of an animal. mine was king kong... u noe wat?? king kong rocks de world man. *wink wink*
after tinkin, de games starts by de 1st person who do his/her animal action 1st den follow by doin others den its another person's turn to do de same too.
It was so fun, everyone was laughing... At last, kah heng and one more guy(sori, forgotten his name ord.hehe!!!!) lost, dey hav to act cute let de camera girl to take 5 shots. dey were so cute. lolx.
Later, after games is worship. den conducted by kah heng and jin chong. everyone have to share their thoughts after attending Paster Kong's service which is last week. When its my turn, i duno why i talk bout my parents.
Actually my dad doesnt like me to go to church, but after convince by mom, he say ok. But dese days, after i return home from churc, he'll ve sitting in de living room and ask me, where did i go. I thought mom told him ord, but stil he ask me. After i told him where i went, saw his expression, can see that he's not very happy. Last time i use to attend EFC church which is located at Bukit Anggerik, but coz of some reasons den i stop ord. Then my fren Yvonne invited me to City Harvest Church, this time it started to makes me feel comfortable and wanting to attend church. Always looking forward on Sunday. Izit bcoz of i change church or bcoz of long time i din attend church ord den dad thought i don wana attend den feel happy, den suddenly now attend again den not happy with it???
huh!!! how i wish things could be easier for me.
After sharing, jin chong talks about something about his life which is kinda similar with mine and share some words of God.
After listening to it, i felt that one should always tink positive and miracles will happen. u know what???
It "Light up My Life"
felt better and confident.
Thanks everyone. God Bless.

Selfish & kind, STUDY

New semester started ord. OMG!!! i fail one sub last sem which is de stupid graphic paper. urghhhh!!!
resited de paper ord... now waiting forde result.
hope everything will be fine, hope i can pass this paper... *oh lord...pass oni.pls*

hmmm...sumtimes i wonder. why human beings are so selfish???
no hard feelings k human. am jz wondering and thinking oni.
coz now i encounter a problem...
a fren of mine get sumthin from a person... it can be share with others as it helps others a lot too... but why doesnt my fren help???
so... why humans so selfish???
i owiz get scolded or talk by my frenz. dey'll say, why i owiz let others make use of me??? why i so kind??? i was wondering... is this bcoz of i'm STUPID??? *woops...-.-"*
well, for me...i reali duno why. i found tat its reali hard to push others invitation or helps. i felt tat i'm hurting tat person and frenz are mend to help each other. i dont want any enemy's around me.
but for one thing, i noe its gd to help ppl, but if de person doesnt reali treat us as frenz and backstab by dem.... it hurts a lot. i owiz get those, and to tell all dose backstabbers, it reali hurts k. tink b4 u wana say anythin to harm others.

woops.... words gone too far ord.
back to here...
well, tinkin a lot dese days. although new sem jz started... am owiz in front of de comp lookin and arranging de notes...
mom saw and asked why i use so long (2days) to finish up this thing.
i was like... mom... if not??? but truly.... mom... i wana study hard for u and dad and myself.

dis morning... i arrive coll damn earli coz of bro. den called jackie coz thought hes tat earli.
haha!!! at 1st say got class...den call me say lazy go class, so we go asia yum cha.
hmmm... talk bout degree...
wah!!! now i'm scared. go Austrailia??? yea, i plan to do so.
but... it needed more den 3.0 CGPA to get dere. not takin de last sem results but de whole 2 and 1/2 years result man. all add up den divide. jackie said tat at least muz every sem de results must get A or B no C.
i was like... WTF. oh man. i ord get 3 C's and one fail. dis time sei lor...
luckily, he add up few words... "dose which get C now u must buck up to get A"
then i was tinkin... hmmm... A ar??? duno can or not... but for sure. i'll try my very very best to do so. muahhhss.... GOD BLESS

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New thoughts

Well, its been long i didn't update my blog huh!!!
hurm...its not tat i;m bz rite now.am havin holiday. ord for 2 weeks but jz sit at home doin nothin.hehe!!!! (actuali watch drama...*pheww*...)

hmm...my fren Yvonne invited me to her church "City Harvest Church" pass few months ago during Easter Day.
I had a lot of fun and de main thing is tat i enjoy a lot dere.
Can't compare with my old church...i don;t lik being force into somethin. I like de way tat i accept everythin myself and not by forcing.
As Yvonne invited me dere...i was tinkin... dis should be my 2nd time dere and my last...haha!!!
Y did i tink so??? Mayb coz i thought dey'll be talking all bout bible stuff.
As in a different way.. dey surprise me... during easter, theres a lil drama up de stage and its great. after attending church... i was send back home by Yvonne and i thought and thought...what could it be stickin in my mind???
During de whole service...i walk up front and release everythin...as not in shoutin...as in my sins....
after tat time... Yvonne did offer me to her church but i cant attend coz havin finals soon and i need to buck up v my studies and i'm kinda poor in it.

After finals, and after one week of holiday...Yvonne invited me to her cell group meeting.But i cant attend.
But i did attend on sunday service...as i went dere...i felt de urge tat is pulling me into dis church. City Harvest Church...i felt deres sumthin pullin me in and tellin me tat i should attend church more frequent.
Just yesterday...i attend Paster Kong's service.as Paster Kong is de founder of City Harvest Church...i'm glad tat i attend this service.During de early stage of worship... everyone were singing with their hearts out...but i dont feel it, after sometime...strength pulled me in and i'm part of dem worshiping God.
After Paster Kong's talk, theres a lil worship..de closing worship.izit tat wat should be called???
I was praying so hard dere...coz they have their own language...izit de language which dey communicate with God???
after a hard time of finding de way out and solutions...We were told to hold each other hands.Everyone in de church was praying with their heart. de voices tat came out from their heart and mouth... I dunno Y, suddenli i spoke their language...But stil theres sumthin i;m tinkin bout...izit rite for me to do so???

To tell de truth, i reali felt bless to be brought to this church. Yvonne...reali thx for takin me to ur church. I reali did enjoy it, not only enjoy, i also learn sumthin from dere. more bout God.
Today deres 2 service of Paster Kong's. But i cant attend coz nid to attend class undang. sob sob!!!!
Tomoro deres another too. I reali wana attend, but...need to accompany my bro coz he came bek from melaka.

Actuali i'm not born in a Christian family. Even my dad doesnt like me to attend church. but after some words from my mom, he evertually let me attend and doesnt ask a lot. Oh Lord.thanks. How i wish i could bring my parents to attend church at least dey get to know how de church looks like, what kind of friends i mix with and how great and wonderful is my church is. But sad to say tat my dad has bad impression towards Christians. As he heard stories from his friends. huh!!!

Next sunday is mothers day. and i reali wish tat i could bring my mom along and let her be blessed by God and celebrate together with all the mothers in church and have fun. dunno whether i can bring her along not.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What are true friends???

Sumtimes i reali doesnt understand wat others tinkin...
wat are true friends???
izit dose who reali can chat, who reali have same interest, who reali join you everywhere else you go and join cool friends???

wat i tink is tat, true friends are dose who understand each other needs and be dere for each other when dey need each other...

once i treated a fren as best mates...
but i reali duno whether de person treated de same way as i treated her as or not....
now tat person ord have their own friends...
having a fren who is rich enuf to pay dis and tat for dem...
having meals no matter at expensive or cheap places...it will be paid by tat rich person...
is dis reali call true frenz???
i reali don't understand wats in their mind at all...
hmmm...not to say dis.
once tat person borrow money from me.yea, i know its not much at all...its jz RM20...
but...its stil money...i din say anythin...i don reali wana complain or wad.its not regarding whether tat person is givin back de money not...de main problem is tat whether she'll confront me not...
wad i jz wan her to do is jz confront me and talk bout de money...
but wad came out is...nothin.tat person din say anythin...din return de money...hmmm...

saw some of de pics tat tat person's fren uploaded...
goin to high class places to have dinner or watever den supper high class again..
not envy...jz tat...everytime dey said tat dey out of $$$$
why don dey tink of how to keep some???
dey noe tat their parents are havin difficult times...
why don dey help their parents out???
lets say, by goin less shoppin...cut down some expenses on clothes or watever tat dey could...tatz de way wad.for me am de same too...
no doubt...

havin de same problem now...
but nid to save up some money too...
words by words...
tinkin by tinkin...
wats true and wats fake???
we nid to seperate it well... if not we're de ones who fell into de drain...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shit punya tips

Finals is not around de corner anymore.
ord started.... arghhhh.... from yesterday, den on tuesday will be havin de 2nd paper till friday. non-stop.
Yesterday had LAN sub, which is moral.
Get tips from lecturers is a hapi thing, especially when dey gave you e question and answer. u nid not look for de answer urself, de lecturer help u to find it. izit a gd thing? gd news?
Yea, it is...
but till yesterday, entering de exam hall full of confidence and a hapi face....
de time strucks 8am, its time to open de papers....yeyy....
unfortunately....i burst out laughing....
not coz of de tips tat is given are rite, but all fake... $@%%^$&^&*&@!@!@#$$%
tat time am out of idea...wat can i do??? i just write down watever i rmb. den start off from de objective part...but stil some i dunno how to do man.... @$#%&%^&%^*%^.... again!! haha!!!
den just do de essay... apa rules??? shit man~~
i oso dunno wat to write... just simply write down de shits tat i noe and rmb.

one by one, my frenz went out with a dissapointed face. aha!!!!
i'm de last of all of dem to go out. when i reach de concourse.... everyone was looking at me and shouting my name saying "at last rachel came down edi..." so geng o....
i shouted so loud tat i said "diu...we gav de stupid lecturer lou dim la...."
den dey answer me by saying "u let ppl lou dim still can sit inside so long to write shit"
haha!!!tatz definately de thing tat we're so piss off bout.
den we sat at de concourse and bullshit dere....
we were so fucked up, talking dis and tat...watever we noe and watever we wana say...

now tatz one thing i'm tinkin bout....
since dis incident happened ord... should i follow de revision by revising wat others lecturer gave??? i scared le.... haih!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sumtimes i wonder what's in my parents mind...
Looking down towards a person??? is tat all they wan???
Now i'm in tat kinda situation. being look down.
YEa, i understand why dey doesnt let me borrow tat loan.
for god sake... why cant dey juz use a better tone to talk to me???
I know that i'm not matured enuf who can think whats best for me.
But i know what they explain are rite. But jz use a better tone will be better rite.

I really felt that in this house am just nothin.
No one actuali respect me.
When i speak out, no one listen, when i do sumthin rite, dey'll jz scold.
In de end, they're de one whos wrong, but no apologise from dem at all.
What am i in this f**king house???
Sumtimes just tink tat, yea, i can be said as one kinda dose who stil can live without earning myself. just use my parents money would be enuf for my feees.
But i'm not happy at all, though my frenz doesnt comes from wealthy family, but at least i felt tat their parents do respect dem, do listen to their opinion.
Why am i not???
huh!!! I'm so tired of all these stupid stuff...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Day

Last nite slept very late...haha!!!
Was about to slep at 1am lik tat. but theres "fu juk yi mai" (one kinda "tong sui") hehe!!!
so i ate it, in de mean time... nothin to do. so watch "Umizaru II" with my bro's gf.
Both my bro came back around 2sumthin. Then they decided to drink vodka. haha!!!
Drank with them... In the mean time they play dota.
After half an hour, went to tidur... coz damn sleepy ord.
oni slept for 2hours plus den woke up to study. haha!!! sienz ord...

this morning was so blur... mom called me to make de chicken. forgotten wat to do with it ord.
then i say okok... in de end... wat happen??? i slept back. haha!!!
they needed de chicken for "bai shan" use... I'm so sorry grandpa grandma and to all my ancestors. coz din attend de "bai shan" today. need to study ma...
Finals on de way... so sien la... don feel like sitting for de papers.
Next saturday is de 1st paper... moral... should be easy for us to pass i tink. haha!!!
others??? woooo... difficult lor...

Its raining very heavily today. luckily after my family came back.
If not??? they'll be "lok tong gai" aka chicken under de pouring rain. haha!!!
Feel like sleeping. But cant...coz too hungry ord.haha!!!
After finals i got 2weeks of holiday...so gonna have a wonderful holiday by den. hehe!!!
so... who wana book me??? fai fai la... cant resist it anymore.... argghhh....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fire everywhere

Who am i??? Am sitting right here thinking who am i, whats my position in this hse.
People offend wat i say, people defend for themselves...
ME??? am just nobody and just sit here thinking who am i. What the hell on this earth is thinking. *WTF*
Am damn moody and a bit angry actually.
Asking them questions, but not receiving answers from them. *Shit*
i really hate it.
In this family, am the youngest. Am the one who makes lots of noises. Always making fun of everyone just to let them laugh at me. coz i wana see them smile.
But what annoys me is that, whenever i ask them questions, they never listen to me and doesnt answer my question. Though they do listen to me, but just sits there and listen. *very ~fu hin~* (it means doesnt listen doesnt answer)
I think this is how it should be explain. haha!!!
I always try to think positive and dont think so much. trying to be happy in front of others.
but wat in the end i get???
Just ??? (question mark) or like... they ask me back what the hell i just said. mahei...
FUCK!!! woohhh.... fire tengah membara throughout my whole body now...
sometimes why cant things go on my way as how i wanted it to be???
i keep up my feelings from my frenz... now family oso i need to be like that.
although am angry with my frenz, but i juz bare my feelings.
now family... brother came back, and hes like the "king" in the house.
No need do housework. GF come to our house. Both using the room... duno FUCKING inside the room. diu!!! wana fuck then fuck further la... jibai....

Friday, April 4, 2008

All bout "YOU" *assignment*

Arguements came by when assignments comes.... *WTF*
All coz of one assignment. Graphic editing. Required us to make coupons, summore mau steps lagi. This makes us frustrated.
Deadline is tomorrow. And of coz its done. Its a group assignment.
3 person in a group. Ching & me did the coupon.
By the time strucks 11pm of 3rd April. My mobile phone started to ring non-stop.
Dorathea called, Siew ching called.... Arrghhhh....

Here comes one story then there comes another story... who should i listen to??? NO ONE!!!
haha!!! Listen to mine enuf ord ba.
Dorathea msg me and started her story. Telling me that we shouldn't do last minute work. Saying that although she has to work, but no last minute work were done.
Actually... we dunno it's true not.haha!!!
coz she never send to us after its done. Except for the IT report. coz we nid the report to do our presentation slide. thats the time she send us. wooohooo...

Not only that, she oso said that i'm a bit slumber... *thats de word she used*
Yea, i admit it. sumtimes kinda slumber towards my assignment and studies. coz i don feel lik giving myself so much stress. Wat for... rite???
but mayb their expectation too high ord. mine not so... wat for??? again....
haih!!! I hate ppl talking bad bout me behind my back. Want talk then talk in front of me la... You got the guts to talk bout me... why don in front of me???
SHouldn't be a coward weh... didn't ur mama & papa teach you??? later bcome a cow le...

I felt that if someone has high expectation towards themselves... Then its kinda a problem.
high can be high... but don too high la...
If it's too high... you urself gonna suffer, not others. mumbling this not good, that not good.
You die oni ma... *everyone says....: "lei sei lei geh si... dan hai sei yun dit..."*

Ones asked me... Why am i such a slumber person. Don't really care bout your stuff....
Well, this wat they felt la... wei... FEEL oni wor... sai em sai gam yong a.... *SHIT*
I'm slumber... doesnt meant that i don care bout my stuff....
I care... just that i dont show it out. doenst need to show geh ma...
just be ourselves... then things will go on smoothly wad.

P/S --

DORATHEA OOI... you should think wat u wana say before saying anything. sumtimes
not everyone can take it. If you ord send de msg to that person, then
you have to be ready with wats gonna happen. Not saying SORRY
cure everything. BTW, think +ve.

SIEW CHING....... dont be angry anymore...things can be cure and be done. what they
say, jz accept it with an open heart. I know its hard for you coz its not
ur fault. From my opinion, although tat person hurts us and we're
angry with them. Why don't we accept everythin and forgive that
person with an open heart? I know that we stil hav hard feelings
towards that person, but a while is enuf. sumtimes havin a friend is
better than having an enemy.

(All coz of these vouchers....but its worth.coz i'm satisfied with it)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Banyak Susah

Now... It's today...
Had mid term exam. Though finals comin soon. But still ada Mid term.
IT... sienz... hate it.
everytime in class oso din really pay attention.
Then today??? some dunno how to do.
But thx to de lecturer. Gave us tips though having exam. haha!!!
PC booting??? *shit* dunno wats tat.
everyone was paying attention on that paper. tatz at first.
Then... noises came....
Everyone was talking there. some open book pulak. some sms, some through each others papers around. like the lecturer is not there....
Wat to do. dunno how to do wad.

This is wat we can do during mid term. FINALS??
Kenot le...
Now everyday study... burn midnite oil. woke up in de middle of the nite... study...for sometime...then early in the morning??? Found myself sleeping on the chair like a baby...

Human comm... wat for we take tat paper??? not related to our subs oso.
IT???... a bit abit i think.
Marketing... for sure yes. I like tat lecturer. His teaching is superb. Lots of explanation. wont get tired during his class...
Graphic.... Owwwhhhh.... tat lecturer sucks man. Ikut dia punya mood. everyday oso datang bulan. suka suka then scold ppl.
Last but not least...
Moral... Lagi suii.... Luckily she resigned ord. Lucky she gave us tips summore. if not... KILL a....
Zao dak fai, hou sai gai... haha!!!

April Fool

haha!!! wud happen tat day???
Received a few message. Punked by my friends.
Then stupid maxis send multimedia msg. Say apa la virus. Shit!!!

One great story to tell.
My friend. Met once nia.
Sui lou Vincent Seow... akakakkaa!!!
At last i punked someone.
Told him that i fall for him ord.
He really thought its real... Confess to him. Then he say remain friends. *Owwwhhhh* SAD
haha!!! jkjk.
Though he's cute. Cant say "NO"
Wei... Vincent. though perasan banyak. But its true la.haha!!!
Then i told him i tipu him... APRIL FOOL ma.... wat else.
Then i asked him again. He really thought i'm telling him the truth.
Vincent ooo.... Vincent. U ar... Really stupid la. Sui sui lou.... Dont call me dumb girl le.

End of story.... *kisses* ><

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday "Joanne"

Yesterday??? haha!!!
Early morning went to class then dorathea fetch me to ktm station...tired tired..!!!
Where was my destination??? haha!!!
Its timesquare. Long time din been there. Woooo....Was really tired. but stil cant go back home coz have to meet up my besties.hehe!!!
Went to buy movie ticket... AH LoNg....It was damn funny man.haha!!!
Lalalala Long... lalalala long... lalalala long long li long long long... wakakakkaka~~~
Can watch it for the second time.
All of us were laughing there...

After movie??? hungry ord. then went for little snacks with Joanne & Calvin
Food & Tea. Okok lor... ordered mushroom soup with bread and others...
why didnt i mention others?? coz it was damn tasty. But the soup too little ord. should add more.
We went for a little walk then go dagei... Like little kids running around playing games.
we won't lots of sweets too...haha!!!

There was a meet with Soo & Hoy yan at Tmn Billion. But we were late....aiks aiks!!!
Reach there then ordered Steakkk..... Eeeeiiii..... *slurrpppp*
Now hungry pulak.... haha!!! >< After some talk... cake came out. delicious wor... haha!!!

(Joanne's cake... Tiramisu)

(Hoy Yan aka Lilis, de birhday girl, and Soo)

(Last but not least, its *me* and *Joanne*)~Happy birthday.muaksz...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blur case

This morning woke up in a blur case. Let mom scold.haha!!!
Was very blur that time.Thought wat happen.
I was like... WTF!!!
Very blur... Then i told my bro what happened.
He just keep on laugh laugh laugh... Oh S**t

After did all the housework...Went out with mom.
Went to see doctor. Reach the place... was looking for the clinic.
Went into a wrong clinic... then mom saw dose indonasion, she was like. OMG!!! GOGOGO
Mahei... shouldn't be like that ma... everyone was looking at us. oh my...so embarassing.
In the end went to the right clinic.haha!!!
Doc said i had dry skin... yor... Luckily din sleep under air cond.if not??? Dry lor...
Aftertat went bac home... Sat taxi back. Mom should be the one showing de way for the taxi driver, but at last am the one whos showing him. Y???
Coz mom was busy chit chatting on the phone with her friend. laugh so loud. Really aunty ler...
Back home ord need to do my stuff. Plus got assignments waiting for me. aih!!!

Talk bout assignment. there should be 2 discount coupons waiting for me to do. But now turn 3 ord. What happen? All thanks to our friend. Said she need to work then cant do it. Plus said she did other assignments by herself. come on. We didn't point a gun at you and call you do it all. U're the one who don't wana pass the work to us. Jibai...
Last night around 1sumthin receive a message from that girl telling me i need to do 3 coupons. I was like... arrrghhhhh... What a nightmare. I was yelling there. Shouting in the room by myself. haha!!! Now felt very stupid for doing that. But feel like strenggling her. Eeiiiii.... Sei sei seii..... (translate... means die die die....) haha!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New & Old

Lolx... Y did i wrote "New & Old"?
Coz this not the first time for me blogging here.
Did blogging before at other website.
Here i did too... Hurm... at first thought too boring so decided to stop blogging.
But now am here starting a new one again...

Once said blogging is a boring thing...
Once said blogging is a waste of time...
Once said blogging is not appropriate...

But here now i say, it could be boring, waste of time, not appropriate & bla bla bla....
All could be said, but i find that it could be interesting coz we can jot down whatever we wana write and write out our words of hearts.
Hurm.... now here i am. haha!!!

Starting of this, introducing myself.
Am just a normal girl....
With eyes, nose, mouth, hair, legs, hand... am not handicap k...
Am 20 this year... OMG!!! 20?? Arghhhh.... Old ord. sienz...
Just pass 20... Use to with the 1, but now started to have 2 ord. Not use to it at all...
Hometown??? KL lor...
Live??? KL >>> Cheras
With my family... Parents and 2 elders brothers. Am de youngest of all.
Currently studying at Inti College, pursuing my studies taking Diploma in Mass Comm
Bloody man... Hard to study. lots to memorize.
Erm... Whats more should i write??? Dunno.... haha!!!

Think thats all.... Till here 1st.

BTW, am a SHE. haha!!!