Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tired and Happy

Its been tiring days for me.
Video shooting, assignments rounding up and due dates just around the corner. damn!!!
Been to Klang for shooting, well, its fun.
At least we get to stick our butt on and learn a lot of stuff.
Its truly difficult to get a video shoot nicely and hit our requirements.
Throughout the shoot, I've been given a new nickname, "NG Queen" lolx... Why I've been given dis name? Theres so many times of NGs' and everyone laugh n laugh n laugh. hahaha!!!
But its funny and fun. But wish to have more time for the video shooting.
Emm... assignments, yea. lately been rushing assignments like hell.
Now am actually rushing one. But too bored so blog up sumthin.

Valentines dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..................
Oppsss....too long.
Well, malu to say that this my first time celebrating Valentine's Day.
I did had a great day except for some exceptional cases.
On that day, the holy early morning I;ve to rush to Kl central to meet up my mates for shooting. Thought that around 5pm only will finish up everything. At last, around 12sumthin finish ord.
Then others plan to go sing k, but am going KL central to meet up my dear.
Ingat mau balik rumah mandi then go out de. End up went back home den wait for dear.
I understand his situation.
*dear,am sorry for that day but some cases, hope u understand*
Dear came to pick me up then went to KL area, walk around then to Pavilion for dinner. Later on, concert outside Manage listen to Landy Wen Lan and Gary Cao Ge songs. Well, admit that they're nice. Lovely ><
Went nearby his house then open up pressie.... surprise. hehehe!!!
*Thank you for the pressie hunni, I LOVE IT*
Then yum cha v dear's mom, later both of us went to little genting for some nice views.
A while later, pit stop around KL nite area. woohhh...saw some drunken ppl.
Some hugging, some crying, some walking unsteady, some laughing, some sleeping on de street. gosshhhh.....
Overall, I had a great day and nite with him. Will never forget the first Valentine i had with you and I'm happy to be your Valentine.
** Whats so special about Valentine's Day? haha!!! err...not reali special. Just normal cuz i felt that its a day for couples to gather around and spend times together. emmm.... don have to spend so much. hehe!!! I feel that for now. But one special thing for me is that, I get to spend time with my love one. haha!!!


VON said...

wow very sweet le ur post.....
appreciate each other ya! i guess u got a good 1 this time!!! wish two of you sweet sweet always! btw update your blog ah hahahahaha....happy holiday sweet girl ^^

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