Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sometimes why things have to be so confusing?
Things running in my mind, matters have to be solved, stuffs cant be ruin in just coz of a little bits. We have to solve it... But how?
How things gonna be going on our way? Just the way we wanna be...
No matter in what matters....
No matter in Love,
No matter in Studies,
No matter in Working slots,
No matter in Earning money,
No matter in Gaining knowledge,
No matter in Gaining trust,
No matter in Everything.... I MEANT EVERYTHING

Trying to figure out the best solution for all the matters....
Trying to find the best person to deal with the matters....
Trying to learn the lesson from past experience....
Trying to know and learn bout what true friends are....
Trying to understand my own needs, own future, believing and go on with my own route and be true to myself and fight for my own rights.

What meant to be confusing everyone...
Its not that am the only one who's confuse with what they're having and learning....
But i do believe that everyone went through de same route as everyone went through before...
It just depends on how we deal with it and how we think about the probs which make us so CONFUSE...
Even now am confuse with some decisions that I've made, but am trying my best to find out the best solution and what am going to do next.
From my own opinion....
when you're confuse about something or a decision that you've made, better think of the best solution, or even the best answer for ur question. Dont ever let the question and CONFUSE makes you doing or making the wrong decision, as well it does affect your future. Not only yours, but the one besides you who's gettin into the same trouble and confusion.

You mayb proud if you made de decision which you feels that its best for you and everything gonna be alrite. But think of the friends around you whom get hurt by YOU!!! They have the right to gets everything done in the right place too... Think of all the best for everyone... Make use of your thoughts and decisions wisely...

Always remember that we somehow are the "DECISION MAKER"
Make he right choice before anyone get hurts and never let CONFUSE runs your mind

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Whats the main purpose of love existing?
Think about it? Further deep down inside, sumtimes everyone doesn't seems to understand the term of LOVE.
It may be the:
LOVE in between friendship
LOVE between family
LOVE between lovers
LOVE between strangers
LOVE in Christ
LOVE in all.....
Been through sumthin dese days...
How should i deal with it?
Am confusing... Truly...
Sumtimes tink back, how my past ended up... Makes me tink of my wrongs.
But... izit all my wrong? Mayb not
Being in all relationship, AM PART OF A FOOL
Being LOVE by everyone n loving others... Am happy with it.
LOVE is just like a magic. It come easily but ended up in a harsh way. For some, not all most probably.
Rating LOVE, it should be 50/50 for me.
Loving someone is a luck for me. You get to know more friends and even understand them. Thats when LOVE arouse.
Its a beautiful thing, LOVE in many meanings and a lovely term.
When dealing with LOVE, we need to commit ourselve in it. Truly, whole heart with no doubts.
LOVE someone with an open heart.
LOVE someone truly from urself
LOVE someone who loves u and u loves him/her
LOVE someone whom you love but doesn;t love u back
Treasure the LOVE you have before you REGRET
Treasure your LOVE ONES before its too late
Go for the LOVE you want for before you REGRET
Go for the LOVE that is made for you
No matter LOVE of families, friends or lover... as mention above
Appreciate it with a Holy heart.
Everything even goes on smoothly if you do so....
Family ==> They LOVE you for who you are, they LOVE you even more than anyone else. Treasure it.
Friends ==> Friends mayb easy to find. But a true friend who LOVE you truly and treat you well with no harm, willing to be there for you anytime no matter anywhere. These are difficult to look for. Treasure them well if you find one. These are God's angel to you.
Lover ==> Think for your future, as well think deeply in your heart, is he/she the one and only. Don't play, as well if you found one who LOVE you more than him/herself, he/she is the one God send for you whom you can spend your entire future life with them and generate new ones.
Jesus Christ ==> The one and only whos always there for us no matter we're in what situation. Believe in HIM as HE'S THE ONE & ONLY
A recommended song - Juwita Suwito - Part of a Fool