Saturday, January 3, 2009

Past & Resolutions

Well, I've been nagged by my frenz for not updating my blog. hahaha!!!
Am now ere updating k.... woohoo!!! read it.
Dear mei, i do admit tat blogging is fun and sumtimes do get addicted towards it.
Sooooo.... hehehee!!! paham paham la....

2009 is ere. Ord ere.... Buh bye 2008.
New year, New Resolution....
Whats mine???
1. Really need to diet. Damn it.... been gaining lots
2. Save money. Sumtimes overspend. hehe!!!!
3. Be more hardworking. Concentrate in my studies
4. Driving license...This been dragging for long and nagging frm lotsa ppl..syiittt!!
5. Think deepyly towards what i really want and aim for my future.
6. Not to let others worry bout me.
7. Be more truthful towards others
8. Do something i really want with my fren and long for.
9. Be de besties of all.... Do whatever i can help..(ST, try my best to be dere for u...;p)
10. Not be so stupid anymore...arrghh!!! wake up RACHEL KOK. cb
11. Hope i get what i wished and longed for. (I bet some may know what izit. haha!!!)

I bet theres still more coming up.... hahahaa!!!!
Just cant reali tink of any now. Kinda MOODY ere!!! syyyiiitttttt!!!!
sometimes how i wish I can get what i want, but i know theres nothin for FREE!!!
Theres alwayz a need to work hard to earn for it.
No matter what we learn in life, its always a special piece of advice and lessons from others. I do APPRECIATE it much... Thx guys!!!

What did i do during 2008???
Not much!!!
Been naughty for de whole year, but bet theres changes towards me.
More hardworking,

Communication getting better between my family and me. Especially MOM!!! Love u mom!!! Am really happy with the progress, hope to get better.

Know lotsa friends throughout 2008 (no matter who they are and de difference of de age gap)
(especially ST, its reali a pleasure knowing you, really do. Appreciate you sharing lotsa woth me and did learn a lot frm you. "U" MEANT alot to "ME", Besties? U're one to me. All we did in 2008, hope all turns out in 2009 too.) ;p Thank you.

Having my mates around me is one that am proud and happy of. hahahhaahaha!!!

But overall, am happy with everything i owned in life. Really do. Thanks men & women. hahahahaha!!! Just to all of you out dere. Lotsa lurve....!!!!

2009....Its HERE!!!!
21...veri soon. Growing old!!! is that de word should be used??? nahhh!!! jz MATURED!!! hahahaah!!! have to accept it.
Golden key coming to me soon, but, still tie up with my parents. Theres still things i kenot do and forbid with. Just listen to them, as well, they're my love ones.

What do i wana get for my 21st.
Hope for sumthin special and celebrate with special ones. wakakakaka!!!
Am aiming all kinda things right now, real lots. But duno all my wish come true not.
HOPE IT WILL!!!! hahahahaa!!!
Been giving hints out dere. So, pandai pandai la semua.