Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birthday

Friday celebrated Kelvin's birthday. muahahaha!!!
He's supposed to come and pick me up. However ended up calling me few times but didn pick up. My bro was yelling at me calling me to pick up my call coz i left it in de living room and i was in my room preparing to meet the "King of the Night"... woohoo!!! seems big huh!!! ahhaha!!

Well, i cant give him any surprise coz i dont have any transport that can bring me to de cafe. Instead of surprise, i gave him "instant surprise"... Told him that i've bought cake all over from subang by KTM. He said this de 1st time ate a cake which sit a train all the way to CHeras. Wiiii.... proud of myself. This de 1st time celebrated for him and its his 21st.

Not much surprise but had some conversation which i learn a lot from him. Then talk about our past and days we use to spend together. haha!!! such a blast day for me. again again... i enjoy so much and really looking forward for de next outing.

(Happy birthday hun... Muahhsss...)

( This me and the "King of the Night)

Felt bad

Its been quite sometime i didn't post any blog ord...
coz of my busyness schedule??? haha!!! just coz of my assignments and now they're stil more. Just felt that de assignments cant be finished.

Alright... its been 2 weeks i didn't go for cellgroup. Felt bad.
1st time is coz of gatherining with my Tarc mates. 2nd time is coz of having dinner with relatives. aih aih!!! Plus today not going to church. Felt very very bad. arghhhggg.....!!!And now am here blogging coz cant sleep back after woke up.
Owwhh...!!! i sprain my ankle. Stupid me. Pain Pain... Now i should be singing songs to let de pain go away. haha!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Janice-My Eyes Don't Lie

If rose is green and grass is red,
will you remember what I say?
Baby, don't forget before you regret
stuck in my mind.
A needle through my head,
the light you shine into the night
you take away my fright
and for everytime I see you I try
what i try to say is stay with me tonight
for what i really feel inside
my eyes won't let me hide
everytime i see you, they start to cry
cause this time, my love, it could mean goodbye
don't say goodnight
Eyes will never hide feelings from "U". Except they aren't true to "U". Frights you took away, regrets "U"made, goodnight "U" said, goodbye "U" meant are words that least felt.
p/s -> enjoy the song everyone. appreciate whos beside "U"

Landy 温岚-傻瓜 Sha Gua (Fool)

qi shi ta zuo de huai shi wo men dou dong
We all know what bad things he has done
mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference
眼光闪烁 暧昧流动
yan guang shan shuo ai mei liu dong
Roaming eyes and ambiguous relationships
bi shang yan dang zuo ting shuo
I close my eyes and pretend they're just hearsay
qi shi bie ren de zhao shu wo men dou dong
We know too well the tricks of others
mei you shen me bu tong
Not much difference
故作软弱 撒娇害羞
gu zuo ruan ruo sa jiao hai xiu
Pretend to be weak and shy
zhi shi you yi dian bie niu
It's only a little unnatural
sha gua ye xu dan chun de dong
Fools are perhaps innocent
ai de mei na me zuo zuo
Their love is not so pretentious
ai shang le wo bu bao liu
When I have fallen in love, I won't hold back
傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same
bei ai qing shang le you shang
Hurt by love time after time
xiang xin zhe ge ta bu yi yang
Believing that this one will be different
que you zai yi ci shou shang
And yet we get hurt once again
傻瓜 我们都一样
sha gua wo men dou yi yang
Fools we are, all the same
shou le shang que bu tou xiang
Hurt by love and yet never gave up
xiang xin fu chu hui you dai jia
Believing there will be a reward for our giving
dai jia zhi shi yi ju sha gua
And all it is, to be called a Fool

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok.... Let me start up with a sentence... I'm getting thinner and thinner... *opps...* wrong ord. Its fatter and fatter. haha!!! Morning and afternoon can tahan dont wan eat, but when night arouse, i tend to get addicted to what mom cooks and food at home. So... this makes me getting fatter and fatter. Btw, one more thing making me so too... Its the goreng wantan sold at my college cafeteria. OMG!!! You can see them keep on refilling the wantan. Everytime i go to de cafeteria, i cant resist it, topping of the chilli... yummy *slurppp* ehehe!!!

Now... Lets stop this. I need to DIET. Thats a must ord... haha!!!
Diet Diet Diet... aaaaaa.... I can do it. I know... hehe!!!
I diet, i can save up my money too. For future use... For the ASIA CONFERENCE... yeahhhh!!!

Now... I'm happy with my assignment due dates as both my assignments for the animation flash and journal has been postponed to next week. As this is a good news for me, coz tomoro i need to pass up ord if my lecturer didnt postponed it.

Studies??? Still can cope with it. As today had my psychology Pop Quiz, didnt reali do well on it as all of us studied last minute and i lost 9 marks out of 20. Hope others that i did is correct. hehe!!! Well, everything for me is ok, cant say 100% good, but at least still good for me.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everything getting better

At first i woke up in the early morning wanting to attend church. But its raining heavily, so i was thinking how can i attend church. Looking out of the window and the rain is pouring cats and dogs. So... I said to myself, why don't o take my bath 1st then only see how everything goes as i don't wana wake my mom up. Luckily its not very heavy, then i walk to esso station to wait for the van to church. And you know what, i knew some new friends. As i know Robin before but didn't talk much, but today ended up chat with him during my way back home. And i knew one more friend name Josephine, shes from Indonasia and i had a great talk with her. Get her number and said will call her up for some drinks. haha!!!
Today attend Church for Paster Kevin's Relationship series... Not bad.
This de 3rd chap for RELATIONSHIP SERIES... Love it!!! I miss the 2nd chap, waiting for church to upload it so that i can listen to it. hehe!!! Attending church is one of my favorite now... haha!!! Wanting to learn more about GOD.

Today Yen brought her sister along to church and Li Pei too... Am proud of them for attending church and happy for them too for making the first step and courage to learn more about GOD. Proud of Yvonne too as shes the one who brought Yen to church. hehe!!! Proud of you babe. Learn something new too... As Emerge is around the corner, while waiting for van, Yvonne explain to me every details whats Emerge about and why izit seperated into 4 groups. As i felt its soooooo cool. haha!!! Looking forward for EMERGE!!!!

Another great news... Actually theres 2...
First, my relationship with my family is getting better and better... This what i'm happy about. As last time i use to have different thoughts from them and hav lots of arguments and misunderstoods. But now i do uderstand why they do so and whats their purpose... Happy for myself. hehe!!! *winks*

Second, today i asked Yvonne about the Singapore trip. Not really a Singapore trip, its an Asia Conference held at Singapore. Yvonne explain to me and i feel the urge of going. I told my about it while i'm having dinner with my family. I told mom everything i know... mom didn't reject or say anythin that offend me. She asked me some questions and smile... I think thats a YES for her??? haha!!! Hope so... but i hope everything will go on well when its near. And now i must save up some money for the trip so that i can use my own pocket money to go there. hehe!!!

Btw, i havent take my undang test yet. arghhh... Hoping that i can have it this thursday and i can spend my time studying on my undang. Plus... ASSIGNMENTS... its building up more and more each day and now i have around 5 assignments to due with. Theres more coming... But i hope i can finish on time and whatever lecturer taught me i can remember it and not panic while dealing with MACROMEDIA FLASH... As now i'm having problems to make those animation. Ohhh.... Save me...

Well, i just hope everything will go on well for me... No walls blocking my way and relationship with family will go better day by day. Wanting them to stay healthy and live happy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Learn, Pack & Misses

eiikkk.... i'm back.haha!!!! Didnt blog for a few days ord. haha!!!

First and foremost... Thursday i had my Research Communication exam. Enter class late coz overslept. haha!!! but luckily lecturer haven start the exam yet. Well, i would say what i studied reallu pay off. Enter class, then lecturer pass on papers and exam sheet to us. As i took the paper, i was so happy... yippii... wrote down everything i remember. At first i was stuck, but i go on with what i remember, do whatever i know. Writing non-stop there till times up also haven finish. This means that i doesnt have enough time to finish everything up. Last time i use to think mid term not important at all and doesnt put much effort on it. Now??? not anymore. everything is important to me and dare not miss any class. And i can learn from mistakes. haha!!! so that during finals i wont do the same mistakes.

Finish with exam...
The second would like to talk about is.... KTM...
Wednesday i took KTM to college and back too. The train was so so so so.... PACK...
As i just read from newspaper ... food price rising soon... Everything also so expensive. Now i think i've to take KTM to college and back everyday ord. Coz mom said petrol too expensive ord. Will be very tiring on the coming days. haih!!! On wednesday night... mom said we cannot waste money ord. When buy something must think carefully whether we need it not, fan, lights or whatever that we not using must switch off. Saturday and Sunday eat at home... Dad says he's gonna cook. wow!!! seems like increasing the petrol price is very effective for my parents as what also need to jimat. aihhh!!!!
Since kena jimat... So... DIET sajalah... ahahaha!!! but i'm craving for more food nowadays. Yesterday just ate a packet of Mr.Potato while watching THE NOTEBOOK. hehe!!! nice movie. Loving it. Back back... DIET ar..... wahca..... MUST

By the way... i miss SHOPPING!!!!
Long time didn go shopping ord. But i myself also busy with my assignments. Theres 5 assignments waiting for me to finish them up. Oh my... pray pray pray that i can finish everything on time... hehe!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exhausted then Energetic

I should be studying right now as i'm havin one of my mid-term paper tomoro. arrghhh... Its Research communication. fuh!!! neway, i know i can do it well... have faith in myself.

Petrol price is increasing tomoro. When i woke up from my nap just now, as i was so exhausted, mom was cooking, suddenly she call me go open the door to go out to fill in the petrol. Today pasar malam, very jam ord. Tambah all the drivers were queuing up, lagi jam ord. Should have take along my phone to take a picture and let all of ya'll see. Its like having sales.... haha!!! Then when its our turn to fill in, the papers were finished for the purpose of printing the receipts. See... how effective it is when government wants to increase the petrol price. As i know.... august the petrol price will be increase again. arrghhh... Mom said it will be very costly if she send me to and back from college. So... mom decided that i should take ktm to coll and back. Not only the government is effective, even my mom is fast in thoughts. I bet it'll be tiring for me, but what to do, need to study. haih!!! Thats the only choice except if i get my license.

Yesterday went to church, well Paster Robb Thompson came to gave a talk. Its good... Although he looks serious, i mean his facial expression, but into my surprise, he jokes a lot too.
Yesterday when mom pick me up from esso station, as i go and back home from church by church van, so mom came to fetch me. Mom said that dad talks bout me. He's curious why i suddenly go to church so often. Then told mom that it must be want to "gup zai" tatz why i go so often. haha!!! Then i told mom... apa la...where got. Go to church coz i felt i want to go and want to learn more. As now i go to church quite often, i felt that going to church doesnt waste my time anymore. I wish that i can have my own transport to travel to church and cell group whenever i want to. No need ma fan follow the van and my fren to fetch me around. fuhh!!! But i'll just pray more so that it will succeed one day. hehe!!!

Going to church more often and attend the services makes me feel refresh although i just adapt to this kind of lifestyle. Last time i also use to attend church near my house, but everytime, i just feel lazy to go. But now... not anymore. i feel very energetic and listening to paster's sermons... i feel that i've learn a lot and wanting to learn more and more. Hope that everything will go on well.

I should keep on with my revision now... Pray that i'll remember everything when i face the paper tomoro. haha!!! God Bless.