Thursday, April 24, 2008

What are true friends???

Sumtimes i reali doesnt understand wat others tinkin...
wat are true friends???
izit dose who reali can chat, who reali have same interest, who reali join you everywhere else you go and join cool friends???

wat i tink is tat, true friends are dose who understand each other needs and be dere for each other when dey need each other...

once i treated a fren as best mates...
but i reali duno whether de person treated de same way as i treated her as or not....
now tat person ord have their own friends...
having a fren who is rich enuf to pay dis and tat for dem...
having meals no matter at expensive or cheap will be paid by tat rich person...
is dis reali call true frenz???
i reali don't understand wats in their mind at all...
hmmm...not to say dis.
once tat person borrow money from me.yea, i know its not much at all...its jz RM20...
but...its stil money...i din say anythin...i don reali wana complain or wad.its not regarding whether tat person is givin back de money main problem is tat whether she'll confront me not...
wad i jz wan her to do is jz confront me and talk bout de money...
but wad came out is...nothin.tat person din say anythin...din return de money...hmmm...

saw some of de pics tat tat person's fren uploaded...
goin to high class places to have dinner or watever den supper high class again..
not envy...jz tat...everytime dey said tat dey out of $$$$
why don dey tink of how to keep some???
dey noe tat their parents are havin difficult times...
why don dey help their parents out???
lets say, by goin less shoppin...cut down some expenses on clothes or watever tat dey could...tatz de way wad.for me am de same too...
no doubt...

havin de same problem now...
but nid to save up some money too...
words by words...
tinkin by tinkin...
wats true and wats fake???
we nid to seperate it well... if not we're de ones who fell into de drain...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shit punya tips

Finals is not around de corner anymore.
ord started.... arghhhh.... from yesterday, den on tuesday will be havin de 2nd paper till friday. non-stop.
Yesterday had LAN sub, which is moral.
Get tips from lecturers is a hapi thing, especially when dey gave you e question and answer. u nid not look for de answer urself, de lecturer help u to find it. izit a gd thing? gd news?
Yea, it is...
but till yesterday, entering de exam hall full of confidence and a hapi face....
de time strucks 8am, its time to open de papers....yeyy....
unfortunately....i burst out laughing....
not coz of de tips tat is given are rite, but all fake... $@%%^$&^&*&@!@!@#$$%
tat time am out of idea...wat can i do??? i just write down watever i rmb. den start off from de objective part...but stil some i dunno how to do man.... @$#%&%^&%^*%^.... again!! haha!!!
den just do de essay... apa rules??? shit man~~
i oso dunno wat to write... just simply write down de shits tat i noe and rmb.

one by one, my frenz went out with a dissapointed face. aha!!!!
i'm de last of all of dem to go out. when i reach de concourse.... everyone was looking at me and shouting my name saying "at last rachel came down edi..." so geng o....
i shouted so loud tat i said "diu...we gav de stupid lecturer lou dim la...."
den dey answer me by saying "u let ppl lou dim still can sit inside so long to write shit"
haha!!!tatz definately de thing tat we're so piss off bout.
den we sat at de concourse and bullshit dere....
we were so fucked up, talking dis and tat...watever we noe and watever we wana say...

now tatz one thing i'm tinkin bout....
since dis incident happened ord... should i follow de revision by revising wat others lecturer gave??? i scared le.... haih!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sumtimes i wonder what's in my parents mind...
Looking down towards a person??? is tat all they wan???
Now i'm in tat kinda situation. being look down.
YEa, i understand why dey doesnt let me borrow tat loan.
for god sake... why cant dey juz use a better tone to talk to me???
I know that i'm not matured enuf who can think whats best for me.
But i know what they explain are rite. But jz use a better tone will be better rite.

I really felt that in this house am just nothin.
No one actuali respect me.
When i speak out, no one listen, when i do sumthin rite, dey'll jz scold.
In de end, they're de one whos wrong, but no apologise from dem at all.
What am i in this f**king house???
Sumtimes just tink tat, yea, i can be said as one kinda dose who stil can live without earning myself. just use my parents money would be enuf for my feees.
But i'm not happy at all, though my frenz doesnt comes from wealthy family, but at least i felt tat their parents do respect dem, do listen to their opinion.
Why am i not???
huh!!! I'm so tired of all these stupid stuff...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Day

Last nite slept very late...haha!!!
Was about to slep at 1am lik tat. but theres "fu juk yi mai" (one kinda "tong sui") hehe!!!
so i ate it, in de mean time... nothin to do. so watch "Umizaru II" with my bro's gf.
Both my bro came back around 2sumthin. Then they decided to drink vodka. haha!!!
Drank with them... In the mean time they play dota.
After half an hour, went to tidur... coz damn sleepy ord.
oni slept for 2hours plus den woke up to study. haha!!! sienz ord...

this morning was so blur... mom called me to make de chicken. forgotten wat to do with it ord.
then i say okok... in de end... wat happen??? i slept back. haha!!!
they needed de chicken for "bai shan" use... I'm so sorry grandpa grandma and to all my ancestors. coz din attend de "bai shan" today. need to study ma...
Finals on de way... so sien la... don feel like sitting for de papers.
Next saturday is de 1st paper... moral... should be easy for us to pass i tink. haha!!!
others??? woooo... difficult lor...

Its raining very heavily today. luckily after my family came back.
If not??? they'll be "lok tong gai" aka chicken under de pouring rain. haha!!!
Feel like sleeping. But cant...coz too hungry ord.haha!!!
After finals i got 2weeks of gonna have a wonderful holiday by den. hehe!!!
so... who wana book me??? fai fai la... cant resist it anymore.... argghhh....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fire everywhere

Who am i??? Am sitting right here thinking who am i, whats my position in this hse.
People offend wat i say, people defend for themselves...
ME??? am just nobody and just sit here thinking who am i. What the hell on this earth is thinking. *WTF*
Am damn moody and a bit angry actually.
Asking them questions, but not receiving answers from them. *Shit*
i really hate it.
In this family, am the youngest. Am the one who makes lots of noises. Always making fun of everyone just to let them laugh at me. coz i wana see them smile.
But what annoys me is that, whenever i ask them questions, they never listen to me and doesnt answer my question. Though they do listen to me, but just sits there and listen. *very ~fu hin~* (it means doesnt listen doesnt answer)
I think this is how it should be explain. haha!!!
I always try to think positive and dont think so much. trying to be happy in front of others.
but wat in the end i get???
Just ??? (question mark) or like... they ask me back what the hell i just said. mahei...
FUCK!!! woohhh.... fire tengah membara throughout my whole body now...
sometimes why cant things go on my way as how i wanted it to be???
i keep up my feelings from my frenz... now family oso i need to be like that.
although am angry with my frenz, but i juz bare my feelings.
now family... brother came back, and hes like the "king" in the house.
No need do housework. GF come to our house. Both using the room... duno FUCKING inside the room. diu!!! wana fuck then fuck further la... jibai....

Friday, April 4, 2008

All bout "YOU" *assignment*

Arguements came by when assignments comes.... *WTF*
All coz of one assignment. Graphic editing. Required us to make coupons, summore mau steps lagi. This makes us frustrated.
Deadline is tomorrow. And of coz its done. Its a group assignment.
3 person in a group. Ching & me did the coupon.
By the time strucks 11pm of 3rd April. My mobile phone started to ring non-stop.
Dorathea called, Siew ching called.... Arrghhhh....

Here comes one story then there comes another story... who should i listen to??? NO ONE!!!
haha!!! Listen to mine enuf ord ba.
Dorathea msg me and started her story. Telling me that we shouldn't do last minute work. Saying that although she has to work, but no last minute work were done.
Actually... we dunno it's true not.haha!!!
coz she never send to us after its done. Except for the IT report. coz we nid the report to do our presentation slide. thats the time she send us. wooohooo...

Not only that, she oso said that i'm a bit slumber... *thats de word she used*
Yea, i admit it. sumtimes kinda slumber towards my assignment and studies. coz i don feel lik giving myself so much stress. Wat for... rite???
but mayb their expectation too high ord. mine not so... wat for??? again....
haih!!! I hate ppl talking bad bout me behind my back. Want talk then talk in front of me la... You got the guts to talk bout me... why don in front of me???
SHouldn't be a coward weh... didn't ur mama & papa teach you??? later bcome a cow le...

I felt that if someone has high expectation towards themselves... Then its kinda a problem.
high can be high... but don too high la...
If it's too high... you urself gonna suffer, not others. mumbling this not good, that not good.
You die oni ma... *everyone says....: "lei sei lei geh si... dan hai sei yun dit..."*

Ones asked me... Why am i such a slumber person. Don't really care bout your stuff....
Well, this wat they felt la... wei... FEEL oni wor... sai em sai gam yong a.... *SHIT*
I'm slumber... doesnt meant that i don care bout my stuff....
I care... just that i dont show it out. doenst need to show geh ma...
just be ourselves... then things will go on smoothly wad.

P/S --

DORATHEA OOI... you should think wat u wana say before saying anything. sumtimes
not everyone can take it. If you ord send de msg to that person, then
you have to be ready with wats gonna happen. Not saying SORRY
cure everything. BTW, think +ve.

SIEW CHING....... dont be angry anymore...things can be cure and be done. what they
say, jz accept it with an open heart. I know its hard for you coz its not
ur fault. From my opinion, although tat person hurts us and we're
angry with them. Why don't we accept everythin and forgive that
person with an open heart? I know that we stil hav hard feelings
towards that person, but a while is enuf. sumtimes havin a friend is
better than having an enemy.

(All coz of these vouchers....but its worth.coz i'm satisfied with it)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Banyak Susah

Now... It's today...
Had mid term exam. Though finals comin soon. But still ada Mid term.
IT... sienz... hate it.
everytime in class oso din really pay attention.
Then today??? some dunno how to do.
But thx to de lecturer. Gave us tips though having exam. haha!!!
PC booting??? *shit* dunno wats tat.
everyone was paying attention on that paper. tatz at first.
Then... noises came....
Everyone was talking there. some open book pulak. some sms, some through each others papers around. like the lecturer is not there....
Wat to do. dunno how to do wad.

This is wat we can do during mid term. FINALS??
Kenot le...
Now everyday study... burn midnite oil. woke up in de middle of the nite... study...for sometime...then early in the morning??? Found myself sleeping on the chair like a baby...

Human comm... wat for we take tat paper??? not related to our subs oso.
IT???... a bit abit i think.
Marketing... for sure yes. I like tat lecturer. His teaching is superb. Lots of explanation. wont get tired during his class...
Graphic.... Owwwhhhh.... tat lecturer sucks man. Ikut dia punya mood. everyday oso datang bulan. suka suka then scold ppl.
Last but not least...
Moral... Lagi suii.... Luckily she resigned ord. Lucky she gave us tips summore. if not... KILL a....
Zao dak fai, hou sai gai... haha!!!

April Fool

haha!!! wud happen tat day???
Received a few message. Punked by my friends.
Then stupid maxis send multimedia msg. Say apa la virus. Shit!!!

One great story to tell.
My friend. Met once nia.
Sui lou Vincent Seow... akakakkaa!!!
At last i punked someone.
Told him that i fall for him ord.
He really thought its real... Confess to him. Then he say remain friends. *Owwwhhhh* SAD
haha!!! jkjk.
Though he's cute. Cant say "NO"
Wei... Vincent. though perasan banyak. But its true la.haha!!!
Then i told him i tipu him... APRIL FOOL ma.... wat else.
Then i asked him again. He really thought i'm telling him the truth.
Vincent ooo.... Vincent. U ar... Really stupid la. Sui sui lou.... Dont call me dumb girl le.

End of story.... *kisses* ><