Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday "Joanne"

Yesterday??? haha!!!
Early morning went to class then dorathea fetch me to ktm station...tired tired..!!!
Where was my destination??? haha!!!
Its timesquare. Long time din been there. Woooo....Was really tired. but stil cant go back home coz have to meet up my besties.hehe!!!
Went to buy movie ticket... AH LoNg....It was damn funny man.haha!!!
Lalalala Long... lalalala long... lalalala long long li long long long... wakakakkaka~~~
Can watch it for the second time.
All of us were laughing there...

After movie??? hungry ord. then went for little snacks with Joanne & Calvin
Food & Tea. Okok lor... ordered mushroom soup with bread and others...
why didnt i mention others?? coz it was damn tasty. But the soup too little ord. should add more.
We went for a little walk then go dagei... Like little kids running around playing games.
we won't lots of sweets too...haha!!!

There was a meet with Soo & Hoy yan at Tmn Billion. But we were late....aiks aiks!!!
Reach there then ordered Steakkk..... Eeeeiiii..... *slurrpppp*
Now hungry pulak.... haha!!! >< After some talk... cake came out. delicious wor... haha!!!

(Joanne's cake... Tiramisu)

(Hoy Yan aka Lilis, de birhday girl, and Soo)

(Last but not least, its *me* and *Joanne*)~Happy birthday.muaksz...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blur case

This morning woke up in a blur case. Let mom scold.haha!!!
Was very blur that time.Thought wat happen.
I was like... WTF!!!
Very blur... Then i told my bro what happened.
He just keep on laugh laugh laugh... Oh S**t

After did all the housework...Went out with mom.
Went to see doctor. Reach the place... was looking for the clinic.
Went into a wrong clinic... then mom saw dose indonasion, she was like. OMG!!! GOGOGO
Mahei... shouldn't be like that ma... everyone was looking at us. oh embarassing.
In the end went to the right clinic.haha!!!
Doc said i had dry skin... yor... Luckily din sleep under air cond.if not??? Dry lor...
Aftertat went bac home... Sat taxi back. Mom should be the one showing de way for the taxi driver, but at last am the one whos showing him. Y???
Coz mom was busy chit chatting on the phone with her friend. laugh so loud. Really aunty ler...
Back home ord need to do my stuff. Plus got assignments waiting for me. aih!!!

Talk bout assignment. there should be 2 discount coupons waiting for me to do. But now turn 3 ord. What happen? All thanks to our friend. Said she need to work then cant do it. Plus said she did other assignments by herself. come on. We didn't point a gun at you and call you do it all. U're the one who don't wana pass the work to us. Jibai...
Last night around 1sumthin receive a message from that girl telling me i need to do 3 coupons. I was like... arrrghhhhh... What a nightmare. I was yelling there. Shouting in the room by myself. haha!!! Now felt very stupid for doing that. But feel like strenggling her. Eeiiiii.... Sei sei seii..... (translate... means die die die....) haha!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New & Old

Lolx... Y did i wrote "New & Old"?
Coz this not the first time for me blogging here.
Did blogging before at other website.
Here i did too... Hurm... at first thought too boring so decided to stop blogging.
But now am here starting a new one again...

Once said blogging is a boring thing...
Once said blogging is a waste of time...
Once said blogging is not appropriate...

But here now i say, it could be boring, waste of time, not appropriate & bla bla bla....
All could be said, but i find that it could be interesting coz we can jot down whatever we wana write and write out our words of hearts.
Hurm.... now here i am. haha!!!

Starting of this, introducing myself.
Am just a normal girl....
With eyes, nose, mouth, hair, legs, hand... am not handicap k...
Am 20 this year... OMG!!! 20?? Arghhhh.... Old ord. sienz...
Just pass 20... Use to with the 1, but now started to have 2 ord. Not use to it at all...
Hometown??? KL lor...
Live??? KL >>> Cheras
With my family... Parents and 2 elders brothers. Am de youngest of all.
Currently studying at Inti College, pursuing my studies taking Diploma in Mass Comm
Bloody man... Hard to study. lots to memorize.
Erm... Whats more should i write??? Dunno.... haha!!!

Think thats all.... Till here 1st.

BTW, am a SHE. haha!!!