Monday, October 20, 2008

Come around, Goes around

Doesnt really know whats happening towards me...
Am i changing?? If so... to good or bad??? Confusing me huh!!!
Dont really know what am i thinking... Lotsa stuff happened as well.

Been stuffing myself with those bunch of work loads. Getting retard soon. Lolx.... Am hoping for more from myself. Not just a single piece of s**t happens to interfere my life. But lots happening these days. Dunno what am i really thinking about. Not enough of sleep and panda eyes ord growing... It getting darker... duh!!! I do wanna get myself done with my things and get ready for my finals.

Finals is just around the corner. Am freaking scared now. Hope everything will be fine for me. What made me think of finals? Its started off when am having lunch with Pui Mun, Rachel Ng and Pei Li this afternoon. I was eating there then suddenly we talk about finals, then Pui Mun suddenly said, its one week plus from now. My expression was like..... S**t... OMG!!! I haven even started my revision, as well that I dunno what I really learn in Journalism and Media class, there were no nt much notes and all the time we were chatting with the lecturer and watching movie. haha!!! I really in deep s**t now.... woohoo~~ HELP!!!

Now, free for me to talk about my happy stuffs here. hehe!!! Well, theres been some misunderstandings and things happened as made us feel moody and not happy with it. But... hope there a smile coming back soon. Which make our friendship stays longer.

A Magazine had been created on 20th Oct. Baby "Spin The World" mag. ehehehe!!! Well, I get to take some photo with it. Heres some....

(Baby "Spin The World" mag)

(Me and Baby Mag!! hehe~~)

Well, thats a happy news for a new born baby mag. haha!!! But sad for misunderstandings and beh song.... Forget about that.... Last friday had a great time with my cousie Yue Ran. hehe!!! Get to go out with her. Walk all the way to KTM station... shhhh....Dont tell that to my mom, she thought am following my friends car. haha!!! Went to meet her up then went to Mid Valley to look for her mom's shoe, but failed. Later get to Sg. wang by KTM and Monorial...tired day for us. But in de mean time, we went to get our hand done with "Heena"... haha!!! After all, we had an enjoyable day but tiring. She treat me go sing k, and what a coincidence is that i bump on my ex-coll mates. hehe!!! Really miss them.

(Thats us spending de whole day together)

1st pic: try to differentiate the skin textute, OMG!!! my cousie is so white and mine so dark man. Gosh!!

2nd pic: us in de k box enjoying ourselves...singing our lungs out. haha!!!

3rd pic: me v my heena on. hehhe!!! waiting it to dry out under de hot sun.

4th pic: me singing dere... haha!!! in de mean time camwhoring. *blush*

5th pic: same thing dere... hehe!!! cousie waiting under de hot sun v me...hehe!!!

Well, time passed veri fast and its time to say buh bye... hehe!!! time to go ahead v my studies...Hope everything does on well with everyone. =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One for all

time passed and how i wish things can go on an easier way for me....
lotsa things happened.
one of my assignment kena reject twice, have to redo it again and again...haih!!! but luckily now i had my marks ord. hehe!!!

I stil having tough time with my mom...arghhh... quarreling around. OMG!!! save me. how i wish our relation could be better den now and be like how my bro chat v her with no quarrels but full of laughters.

Relationship??? nah, am not in one right now. hehe!!! but chatting with him is quite happy and we do enjoy chatting with each other. laughing around, showing each other stupid face, joking around. hahaahha!!! damn, i reali do enjoy man. hehe!!! but he's far from me. hmmm.... but he's comin down kl soon. arrghhh.... cant wait for it. hehe!!! well, sumtimes i do wish for more. hehe!!! but am not sure of everything. izit appropriate to do so? what he's telling is de truth izit? does he feel de same as how i does? hmm.... i doubt a lot. I HOPE THINGS WHICH ARE HAPPENING IS REAL AND CAN BCOME REALITY, BUT NOT JZ A DREAM OR GLANCE.

i noe that things change a lot in me and i wish more to be change, but to a better person, but to worst. do better in my exam and STOP doing last minute work. arrghhh... dese days i reali don feel like doin my assignment till my due dates are near. SHIT!!!

I still miss my friends. really wish to meet dem everyday. hehe!!! days that we spent together is just not enough at all. miss miss miss.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friends for all

Initially am freaking tired rite now.... But still am bored and doesnt feel lik sleeping. I dunno why people will get freak out after reading my msn display name. Does that really influence or pays an impact on you??? Am not too sure, but overall, am to myself and I really dont feel lik caring anymore. As well that i'll just pretend what you said before are just bullshits and it's being sway away... shoohhhh soohhhh......
These days am just busy with my assignments. In my mind all are DUE DATES.... arrghh... WTF!!! But stil, i really want to finish it up as am scared of the due dates. But no form la... no mood to do...den extend. but now better. ahhahaha!!! The worst thing that happen is that I got an assignment which has been rejected for the 3rd time. I've to redo redo redo... bored of it. But stil have to redo it and guai guai hand it up.

During the Raya holiday for one week... hmmpp... ada keluar lo. Went fo gathering with TARC coll mates then secondary mates. There should... eh eh...there is a primary gathering too...but didn attend. was not free tat day. Well, its been blessing days for me as i get to meet all my mates just in a week time. OMG!! i miss them so freaking much. At last. Enjoy very much and heres some pics to show... i looks very stupid. haha!!!

(this the pic showing all of us, although i duno some of dem, but at least can c de ones i noe. hehe!!! happy birthday my dear DORIS)

(Inilah dipanggil "empat bunga", but actualli its LIMA, left Soo out coz dia MIA. haha!!!)

(this pic shows me and lembuku... haha!!! its Julius Moo.... haha!!! a friend of 3 years)

(I look freaking retarted here. hhaha!!! looks so stupid. coz we;ve nth better to do and its been long since we had so much fun together) secondary mates punya sudah habis... haha!!! Dorisku... Happy birthday ya. May all ur wishes come true and its reali a bless for me to have ya;ll around. mwwaahhss....
Now... time for TARC mates... not much pic...but stil had fun. hehe!!!]

(thats de girls of de nite but left out 2 more whos sitting opposite of us. haha!! from left: nicole, charleen, me(rachel), vicky and wai ting)

(this de another 2 girls i mentioned. haha!!! from left: apple and hendy)

(am with one of the birthday boy... Loong gor... haha!!! Hes a funny guy and holding de pressie from us.)

(tatz me and Johnson... another birthday boy. haha!!! he looks gd in tight shirts and got muscles ord. haha!!!!)

(last pic of all, as what girls lik to do in toilet, camwhoring... haha!! leen vicky and me.)

tatz all for today's blog and hope ya'll enjoy looking at all dese pics. haha!! btw, i miss everyone again and miss de days we had. plus plus... CG, i'll be back.. i hope i get de gd news too. =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Satisfy? Yes? No?

Things are changing all in a while and i think i should appreciate for those who supported me and those who reali nodded their head with me and suggested me with new things and remind me of old ones....

Well, first... Church???? yea, i reali wanna go back and join my cell group as well to motivate myself. Somtimes its realli hard to go as my parents doesnt realli like me going to church ord. I definately dunno wats wrong. At first they doesnt have a bit of worries of me going to church, and they like the changes i have towards myself. But suddenly when finals come during 3rd sem, i stop going to church as mom says i should pay attention towards my finals. After finals, i wanna go back but mom and dad doesnt like it ord. I dunno what had happened. Even they call me go to temple more. arrghhh.... am realli frustrated. I wish to go on to church, but scared hurting their feelings as their my parents. hmmm....

Raya + Study week holiday is here and its ord de 4th day... Time passed so fast and i wish for longer holidays. Holidays seems not enough for me at all. But at least get to meet up with my old school and college mates. ohhhh... i miss them so freaking much. Had enjoyable time with them although time used to spend with them arent enough at all. But am satisfied for meeting them up. Hoping more gathering coming up although its aint going for expensive dinner or shopping. Go for sports also not bad. haha!!! Wish to have this with my cell group too... =(

Arrghhh..... I NEED MORE SPORTS @ EXERCISE!!!! weight increase again. SHIT!!! haha!!! but i admit tat i reali ate alot during this holiday. oh my....
Other than this problem... my lazy worms are coming back again... they;re just around me. PLEASE.... GO AWAY. I need to be hardworking. Theres tons of assignments waiting for me and due date is near. aih..... Lai Lai Lai... come bek. hehe!!!

Losing friends is one main prolem am facing and hate soooo.... much. From a relationship we're changing to besties, then change again to normal friends, then now duno wat... seems like u're trying to get away from me. I still rmb wat u told me. We;re still best friends no matter wad. and i believe that one day you and i will understand whats happening around. Dear E, be tough no matter what and i dont ever wish to lose a friend like you. As you mention before. we're stil best friends. and it will just remain as friends, i do promise this. Coz i've learnt one thing after u're gone, we shouldnt eat "Back head grass". Friendship ever. No hard feelings and worries. =)

My dearie Secondary mates, its a funny thing i heard from ZH. haha!!! She said i got BF. OMG>!!! No no no... i dont have ler... Just am waiting for my prince charm. haha!!! When i have for sure i'll inform ya'll. no worries for this K. No matter wad, i'll have lotsa stories waiting to share with ya'll. waiting waiting and stilll.... waiting. Waiting for Saturday to arrive so that i can share it out. Am realli happy for todays outing, its been reali fun. Shouting and laughing around... woohhh.... I miss lots. muahhshs....