Monday, February 9, 2009

Settle up

These days have been happy days for me.
I dunno whether i did change not for the time being, BUT for sure i wanna change, TO A BETTER PERSON, out of all that i've encounter.
Been taught and learn, advice from friends, things will go on well if trust is put upon each other.
Yea, its truly REAL!!!!
I'm learning and gaining trust towards each other.
Sometimes i do miss the good old me but sometimes i doesnt.
I've learnt to be more confident towards myself, learnt that as a girl, deres always improvement no matter what.
No matter what, I really have to upgrade myself to a better person.
Let people look upon me, not look down on me.
Let them follow me, not me following them.
Let them respect what I am doing, not wondering what I'm doing.
Time passed and things are changing no matter what.
No matter to good or bad, we still have to face it.
Human beings used to be like this and are like this.
Felt that when things happened, we find holes to hide. But i learn to face them with a wide smile.
We grow, we face problems, we hate problems, But after facing it, we love it.
Because in conclusion, things ain't that bad as what we've been wondering.
We must brave and tough to face it and by then, try to challenge it.
No matter it's gonna be a good or bad till worst conclusion, try to face upon it and don't hide from it. There we learn mistakes and lessons.
From negative, turn it to positive. As everyone says, NEVER TRY, NEVER KNOW.
So... Why not?
Well, for now. First and foremost, things have to be settle up and go on with the plans that I've been longing for.
P/S: Am looking upon you and giving the bestest out of me, learning mistakes and challenging with tough situations.
Looking upon towards the stars and up upon the future......

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