Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bits to bits...

Been long since i update anythin. Finished my exam and now working....
At where? UMobile company... as well tat i get 2jobs.
One working in de company itself, another as their promoter.
So.... Everyday am working. What to do. Wanna earn extras for my own use.
Arrghhh... Been kinda broke dese days. Spending a lot. But its worth it, i bet... la.... hahaha!!!
Busy working... Gosh... i need a vacation. really need one badly. To release all dose negative sorts of electric in my body. haha!!! Well, a nice vacation with nice people around especially people... ehhherrrmmmm.... Not only that, of course.... Cigarettes + Alcohols... Not much. But a little will do, to release myself mar.

Hmm...sumtimes i think why things have to be so complicated.
Human beings? Being so f**king materialistic.
Human beings? Being so unreachable.
Human beings? Being so so so so much.....
Egoistic? Why should we be like that?
Sumtimes, throw or hide it will be alrite, rite? At least, we should show de true self of ourselves. Doesnt need to be sooooo........ kira kira. Plus, its a good for us not to have this kinda thoughts.
From being not to be so, we gain more friends, and even relationship become closer each day by day.

Money? Does it really matter?
This verse, its true. We cant do anythin without MONEY, as well that HEALTH is important. But still, BOTH are IMPORTANT.
Whats the main point of me saying so?
>>> Here comes the answer, MONEY cant buy any relationship or friendship or even family.
If it really does help and needed MONEY to do so, its not a true friendship for every part.
Try to look at some negative sides, you got $$, they come and reach you. You dont have any $$, they'll just put you aside. Does this count as friends? No, it doesnt count as one. Friends who'll be there for you anytime is really a true friend for you.
No hard feelings K everyone, just an opinion.

RELATIONSHIP??? In every sense, its quite a sensitive topic. Loving a person doesnt mean need to buy expensive meals or stuff. But just a HEART spending with each other, the JOY and HAPPINESS both experience together. No matter there are problems or even some other unhappy situation, at least both get to experience it together. Its a last long ever happening memories that both had together.

Comes to this... Does age really matters? I dont think so. As long as both have the same thoughts, unstoppable communication, heart to heart, right interaction and lots more. This makes a good relationship. Appears in life, wishing for one. Think think think....
So.... age is not really a big issue. As long as both are happy with each other to be in their life. Think and look towards the positive sides.
Be optimistic, as well it helps...To IMPROVE in EVERYTHING.

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