Tuesday, November 25, 2008

List of wishing during holiday

Gosh...am terribly tired ere.
Kinda regret for taking 2 jobs at once. So working everyday. Feels like theres not enough rest at all plus it doesnt seems like a holiday for me.
Holiday should be me going on vacations with family or friends.
Spending times with friends & family.
Go shopping and yum cha.... arrghh....i miss yum cha though

I still cant figure out why i cannot have a proper holiday.
Everytime theres sure sumthin blocking my way to enjoy it.
Now is $$, tatz y so hardworking. Taking up 2jobs. aih!!!
So, in de end no holidays.

If can...What i wana do during my holidays?
1. Sing K till sun rise.... woohoo!!!
2. Makan at jagoya
3. Having unlimited Starbucks(Green Tea Latte/Frap) without charging
4. Shop till broke
5. Watch all movies
6. DIET!!!
7. Go on some vacations
8. Go Singapore SHop shop shop....
9. Spend precious time with my mummy
10. Succeed all the promises with ST
11. More promises with ST
12. K K K K K K
13. theres more...cant tink of any now. Mind is totally blank

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